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Seduction on a Snowy Night by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries and Mary Jo Putney

Seduction on a Snowy Night is a compilation of three novellas by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries and Mary Jo Putney.  As you can imagine, the stories are quite good with these three fabulous authors. I enjoyed each story and to be frank, wished that they were full length novels because I did not want them to end so quickly. The Christmas atmosphere adds to the story’s interest level.  


A Christmas Abduction by Madeline Hunter features Caroline Dunham and Adam Prescott, Baron Thornhill  The novel starts off with Adam Prescott, Baron Thornhill  being kidnapped by the fearless Caroline Dunham.  Adam realizes who kidnapped him rather quickly and pitches into help until he can understand what is happening.  Of course, he falls for Caroline. I loved Carolines’s passion for her family and for her land and horses. I also think her bold plan was a fun plot line.  A fun read.  


A Perfect Match by Sabrina Jeffries is part of her current series, although it can be read as a stand alone perfectly.  Colonel Lord Heywood Wolfe is a soldier on a mission. He is coming to warn his best friend’s sister of a rogue to avoid.  While warning Kitty he meets Cass (Cassandra Isles) and ends up kidnapping them both to keep them safe. Heywood needs an heiress to help save his estate, but Cass wants to be married for love and not her fortune.  A dilemma for sure. 


One Wicked Winter’s Night by Mary Jo Putney features Lady Diana Lawrence and Anthony Rainer, Duke of Castleton.  Diana left England years ago, but upon her return she runs into Anthony Rainer, Duke of Castleton, an old flame and her first love.  Of course there are mistruths between the two of them and things to figure out. I think they were a fun couple and I loved the parts about the cats.

Seduction on a Snowy Night by Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries and Mary Jo Putney is a great read.  Novellas of just the right length that help highlight the holiday.

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