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Never Tell by Lisa Gardner

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner is the 10th book in the Detective D.D. Warren series. The books are all about the cases that D.D. Warren takes on and solves. Often the stories twist and turn as she follows the clues.  The books are part of a series, but I have not read them all, just a few and find I can pick them right up. I enjoy the character of D.D. Warren, she is dogged, intelligent, and manages to find and understand clues and people’s behaviors only too well.

D.D. Warren is called to a murder scene only to realize that she recognizes the wife of the murdered man.  The wife who was once a teenager who ‘accidentally’ shot her father has now shot her husband. D.D. knows that this case is not going to be a open and shut case and that there is more going on.  Luckily, she has help from her CI, Flora Dane who recognizes the shot husband and this opens up still another case about Flora’s past. Add in a computer geek, a fed investigator and D.D. Warren’s team and the stories slowly start to unwind.  

Never Tell by Lisa Gardner is a thrilling, glued to your seat, waiting for everything to happen read.

The Bad Luck Bride by Jane Goodger

The Bad Luck Bride by Jane GoodgerCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Bad Luck Bride by Jane Goodger is the first book in the St Ives Series.  I had not realized I had missed the first book and decided to read it right away.  In some ways I am glad this was not the first book I read, as I did not fall in love with it until I was almost 2/3 of the way through the book.  It is not that the story wasn’t interesting, as much as the pretensions of the “ton” irritated me to no end.  

The book introduces us to a group of girls (women) who are unmarried from the town of St Ives. Each of them wishes for a forever love and children.  They have been friends forever and love to spend time together. Lady Alice Hubbard has had the bad luck to be betrothed three times with each wedding falling through.  She has been dubbed the bad luck bride. Secretly she is surprised that she i not falling apart like she thought she would.  Perhaps it is because Henderson Southwell has shown back up and she is quite interested in him.  

Henderson Southwell left for India after his best friend Joseph died.  He could not imagine what happened and was devastated to lose him. However, when his grandmother wrote him to tell him that Joseph’s sister Alice was getting married a third time, Henderson realized he had to marry her himself.   Henderson does not know who his father is and is lucky that his grandparents didn’t care and loved him anyway. But he knows that his parentage will always be an issue.

The Bad Luck Bride had a slower start than I like, but once I made some headway the book got better and better.  The characters were fun and quirky. The situations interesting. The Bad Luck Bride was a good read.

The Reluctant Duchess by Jane Goodger

The Reluctant Duchess by Jane GoodgerCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Reluctant Duchess By Jane Goodger is another book in the St Ives Series.  While it is the fourth book in the series, the book can easily be read as a stand alone.   I have only recently found this author and am enjoying reading her books and this series.  

Oliver Sterling is a Duke who has been told he is a monster his whole life since his father died.  He insists on darkness and has not left his house in years. Oliver is lonely and wants a wife. He directs his former guardian and all around helper to find him a specific woman he saw in a painting. 

Rebecca Kane is horrified by what has just happened.  She has been married by proxy to a duke that shs has never met.  Traveling so far north away from her family and friends to a man and place she knows nothing about is scary.  The house is like a gothic novel, dark and dingy with gargoyles.  

Can Rebecca and Oliver manage to make their marriage work?  There are so many obstacles, and people determined to see them fail.  I loved the way Rebecca and Oliver were with each other. I love their determination and energy.  I think this might be my favorite of all of the books in the St. Ives Series. The Reluctant Duchess by Jane Goodger is a great read.


Broken Rebel by Sherilee Gray

 Broken Rebel by Sherilee GrayCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Broken Rebel by Sherilee Gray was a fun read.   The main characters of Neco and Ruby made me root for them and their love.  Nico and Ruby had been together forever.  Neco protected her from her crazy mom and Ruby helped Nico with her love.  Both found a sense of family in the other one.  However Nico thinks he is not worthy of loving Ruby because of all the bad things he has done.  Ruby tries to get over him again and again.  To top it off, Ruby wants to work with the King Agency where Neco works, but not as the receptionist.  

The King Agency handles problems and finds out information.  The employees are men who are a mixture of hard, bad, sexy and alpha.   I enjoyed the bad guys to mostly good guys plot line.  I enjoyed the twists and turns of the thriller aspect.The story certainly had some dark elements, but I did not find them to be overwhelming. Reading Broken Rebel by Sherilee Gray made me want to read the first book of the series and all the others that will come out.  

Broken Rebel by Sherilee Gray was a good read.

The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey

The Earl Next Door by Amelia GreyCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey is an historical romance with a bit of a different twist.  We have a determined widow Adeline, Dowager Countess of Wake who is starting a school for girls.  We have a neighbor, Lord Lyon who (thanks to a nosy neighbor) believes nefarious going ons are happening.  He immediately believes that the situation is that of a brothel moved into the neighborhood. Imagine his surprise when it turns into a school to teach sewing to less fortunate girls.  

The beginning of the story really catches the reader’s attention and you find yourself wondering what is going to happen next. Adeline and the Earl next door continue to ‘run’ into each other, but it is how that makes the story so much fun. Don’t forget the nosy neighbor who actually has a spyglass!

I liked the independence of Adeline and her friends.  I like how they are planning their future regardless of the expectations of society.  The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey was a fun read with some heat!

Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin

Her Deadly Secrets by Laura GriffinCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin is the second book in the Wolf Security Series.  The book follows Laura Griffin’s style with the romantic thriller genre. She also writes the Tracer Series, which are kickass stories as well.  


Private investigator Kira Vance is learning her job as she works under Ollie.  She is feeling a little used and ready to have words with Ollie when an armed gunman comes in and shoots up everything, killing Kira.   Kira immediately goes into PI mode and starts to investigate what truly happened. Luckily, she is hired by the same lawyer who has hired an elite security team Wolfe Security.   Jeremy and Trent are assigned to Kira. She continues to investigate only to draw the killer’s sight on her.


Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin is the usual gritty police, investigation drama.  I like Kira’s determination and doggedness. I did note that the book seemed to focus more on the drama than the love story between Kira and Jeremy, but I was not bothered by that.   I liked how Jeremy was willing to help Kira with her investigation, but was so worried about her getting hurt. There were some nice twists and turns. Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin was a good read. 

You'd Be Mine by Erin Hahn

You'd Be Mine by Erin HahnCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn was a special read.  It combined some great elements about love and life, but also heartache, masking pain and expectations.  I enjoyed the country music element as well.

Annie Mathers is country music royalty.  She is taking the world by storm opening for the Clay Coolidge, a superstar.  They both seem to click off each other and all the publicity is great for the tour, but both have too many shadows.  After all stars that burn that brightly are meant to either burn out or burn each other. The long road trip and all the excitement is bound to make one want it all.  

You’d Be Mine is sweet, poignant story that tugs at Your heartstrings while making you wish for the stars.  Annie and Clay make you want to believe. Erin Hahn has written a great read.

Summer at Firefly Beach by Jenny Hale

Summer at Firefly Beach by Jenny HaleCoolCoolHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Aunt Clara’s beach house is a place to relax and connect as a family.  However, now Aunt Clara is gone, Hallie is not looking forward to going there.  This is, to her, another straw in the camel’s back. Things have been really hard, but this loss is almost too much.  In the last piece of correspondence from her aunt, was the to do list Hallie made when she was twelve. Hallie is expected to accomplish the list in order to receive her inheritance, but how can she when she is mired in despair.  

Once there with her family and her best friend forever Ben, Hallie immerses herself in moving forward by trying to accomplish her list of todos. The hopeless feeling comes and goes, yet Hallie moves forward...That is when the book gets very interesting…

Summer at Firefly Beach was good, but not great.  I really did not like how Hallie wallowed in her grief in the beginning, however once more information became known and she moved forward, I began to enjoy the book more.  Jenny Hale’s description of a small vacation town with the heat, sand and family was spot on. Summer at Firefly Beach by Jenny Hale was a good read.




The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone by Kristin HannahCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah is a story about a family and love and a story about fear and pain.  The book brings you down to the lowest depths and then up into the heights.  Leni, the main character is brought up to Alaska as a teen.  She knows that her father is damaged and her mother always tries to keep things moving to a safe place.  Moving to Alaska without enough money, food and knowledge was a dangerous choice.  However, Leni begins to flower with the land and people.  Her father continues his slow descent into hell and her mother continues to try to keep everything together.  Leni meets Matthew and realizes that for the first time she has a friend, a home, an opportunities, but life is not a smooth path.  Things happen as the seasons change, yet Leni continues on the rocky path with her family.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah is a fabulous book. You know a book is fabulous when your emotions are so tied to the characters that you breath when they breath.  A book is a fabulous book when you are so entranced with a book, but you are almost afraid to complete the book, because you are so worried about what will happen next.  I loved reading this story with all the ups and downs.  I cried and laughed and smiled and shivered in the cold.  

There are always books that leave you speechless. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah was one of those books for me!  


Montauk by Nicola Harrison

Montauk by Nicola HarrisonCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Montauk by Nicola Harrison was an interesting read.  We entered the glittering world of money in New York society with Beatrice and Harry Harrison.  They are young, glittering, wealthy and summering at Montauk (out on Long Island). Harry is always off doing “business” and Beatrice is left alone a lot. Harry wants her to make friends and be a good partner.  Beatrice just wants to feel like she belongs and to be a mother.

Changing for every meal and spending time doing useless things is not how Beatrice thought she would spend her life.  Roosevelt with his fireside chats shares the precarious nature of the nation, ugly talk of going to war and she is playing tennis and planning the entertainment.  Until one day, when she meets Thomas, the Lighthouse Keeper.

Suddenly, she is in a whole new world, one that she feels comfortable in and wants to help people, not hang out with the idle rich.  Harry is coming out less and less and he is obviously having an affair (s). The cattiness and desire to be most important shows up more and more as the summer heats up as does the heat between Beatrice and Thomas. 

And it all comes down to one fateful night and day...a masquerade, a hurricane and a gun. None of the participants are ready to deal with the reality and the truth. Montauk was a wonderful read, the story, the riches and the time and place help you feel like you are part of everything happening. Nicola Harrison, the author of Montauk has written a great book to enjoy.


The Lonely Dead by April Henry

The Lonely Dead by April HenryCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Lonely Dead by April Henry is a great YA novel.  April Henry’s books always are suspenseful, revealing and keeps a reader on edge.  This novel - her newest - is no different. This time, April Henry explores the elements between drinking, blackouts, schizophrenia and seeing things that others cannot see.  The story gives you a lot to think about while keeping you ramped up.

Adele can see, talk with, touch and interact with the dead.  Her mother teaches her that this is something that you do not speak about, especially with her family history. However, when her mother dies, Adele was brought to a doctor and now takes medication for schizophrenia.  It is only when she decides that she doesn’t want to live life without color and decides she is done with medication. Adele finds her ex- friend, Tori sitting in the woods. It is from this premise that the story gains speed and mystery and suspicion grows.  Who killed Tori and why and Adele is worried she is a prime suspect.

April Henry has written a wonderful story of suspense and chilling events.  I found the story slowly builds the suspense. The characters were realistic and it seems that April Henry really has an understanding of what young adults like to read.  The Lonely Dead by April Henry was a fun read.

The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

The Mother-in-Law by Sally HepworthCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth is a novel about families.  While the book is set in Australia, it is one that could happen anywhere.  We all have preconceived notions about people and what they think and why, but in reality, we truly do not know.  Sometimes, we are really wrong.

Lucy was hoping Ollie’s mother would come to cherish her and give her a mother figure.  Lucy’s mother died so young. In reality Diana was polite, but wasn’t the dream that Lucy had hoped for. Lucy’s life with Ollie’s family seemed fraught with drama. And then Diana is dead...with a suicide note and poison nearby, but as always nothing is quite as it seems.  The police have interviewed and questioned everyone only to determine it is murder.

The novel ramped up the suspense quickly.  I loved hearing Diana and Lucy’s stories and found they added just the right elements to the storyline.  Quite frankly, I didn’t figure it all out until the ending reveal. The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth was a great drama/mystery that kept me on the edge until the end.

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda HolmesCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes was a fun, sweet read.  The book is a fictional novel based on the time after Evvie Drake’s husband died when she was trying to find her way out of her stupor.  I enjoyed the main character of Evvie and felt that her character, a fixer was a character I could be friends with. According to Goodreads, this book seems to be linda Holmes’s first fictional novel.


Evvie Drake’s husband died and she has been stuck in a stupor since his death.  She seems to be struggling without him. Her bestie, Andy asks her to help him out and rent an apartment in her house to a friend, and ex pitcher.  Dean moves in and they agree to not talk about the two major elephants in the room, her dead husband and his dead career. As time moves on they become closer and even avoided conversations happen and where things become clearer.


I enjoyed the book Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes for various reasons.  I enjoyed the fact it took place in midcoast Maine and the structure of a small town that expands during the summer.  I enjoyed the relationship between Dean and Evvie. I understood some of Evvie’s grief and wanted her to move forward with Dean.  Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes was a fun, sweet read.

The Liar's Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard

The Liar's Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard was a great read. Alison Smith was so excited, she was chosen to attend college at St John’s in Dublin.  This was her first choice and she was excited. The fact her best friend Liz was also going to attend was a bonus.  After a minor housing crisis, the girls began college situated in a large dorm on campus.  It was then that Alison met Will and they became friends and lovers.  Until he was arrested and jailed for being a serial murderer of five girls and drown them in the Grand Canal.  

The story is told in multiple viewpoints with the majority of the story’s voices being Alison in the past and Alison in the present. Woven into the story the unknowns continue to haunt you as more and more information trickles out.

I really enjoyed the story and found the book quite compelling (Translation: Didn’t want to put it down at all!) The author’s method of letting out some pieces of information and moving between the past and the present allowed me to feel fully involved in the story.  The end:  Well it was a kick!

The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard was a great read.  

Never Deny a Duke by Madeline Hunter

Never Deny a Duke by Madeline HunterCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Never Deny a Duke by Madeline Hunter is the third book in the Decadent Duke Society.  The series is based on three dukes that called themselves Decadent Dukes; this is about the last unmarried duke.  Duke of Brentworth is very proper is is not about to get married or change his life until he is ready.  His friends are happily married and he is glad for them, but it is not for him.

Davina MacCallum knows the some of the land the Duke of Brentworth owns are hers.  Her grandfather was hidden after his father died fighting the English. Her father told her about the past and she had copies of letters to the king about her title and land.  Unfortunately, the new king wants a resolution without any scenes. The King has determined that Davina should marry the Duke of Brentworth. Too bad the Duke of Brentworth disagrees strongly.  He is determined however to prove her wrong and that is his downfall.

Davina is a strong opinionated woman for her time.  She is determined that she will get her land back. She has plans to help locals medically by staffing the property with real medical professionals.  She needs that property.

Never Deny a Duke by Madeline Hunter is a fun historical romantic read.   

Heaven Adjacent by Catherine Ryan Hyde

 Heaven Adjacent by Catherine Ryan HydeCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Heaven Adjacent by Catherine Ryan Hyde was interesting.  The main character, after the death of a close friend and colleague went for a drive and ended up in the middle of nowhere.  She then buys a piece of land nearby with an old house, shed and barn. The farm has lots of acres and squatters. Soon Roseanna is living there with the squatters without any warning to her family, friends and coworkers. She has found she does not want to go back to Manhattan or any city ever again.  She calls and lets everyone know, she is taking some time. Suddenly, this high powered lawyer is living a simpler life and is finding her way. Until she is found and her new existence is threatened.

Catherine Ryan Hyde writes books about people who are broken.  People who need a family or connections with others. In this respect Heaven Adjacent is similar, but for me the main character was not as likeable as some of her others.  As the book went on I found myself liking the main character more and more and perhaps that is what the author wanted. To take a person who was unlikable and make her change to someone we might like better.

Heaven Adjacent by Catherine Ryan Hyde was a good read.  




The Case of Windy Lake by Michael Hutchinson

The Case of Windy Lake by Michael HutchinsonCoolCoolThumbs upThumbs up

The Case of Windy Lake by Michael Hutchinson is the first book in a series for middle schooler called the Mighty Muskrats Mysteries.  The series is about four cousins who together help solve mysteries with the guidance of their grandfathers words of wisdom. The setting is a Windy Lake First Nation.  They have a secret fort made of an old school bus and spend time everyday helping their grandfather out.  


Sam, Otter, Atim and Chickadee make up the Mighty Muskrats and they are searching for a missing archeologist, but along the way they deal with various family members and learning about their heritage. The storyline is clever with lots to help a young person learn about the Windy Lake First Nation.  


The story may capture middle schoolers attention with the adventure and the mystery.  It is a book I would recommend to several students who enjoy those genres. I found the book interesting and believe the adventure would help capture youngsters.  

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