April Reviews 2018

To Die But Once by Jacqueline WinspearCoolCoolHeartBroken heartThumbs upThumbs up

To Die But Once is the fourteenth of the Maise Dobbs novels.  Jacqueline Winspear has once again brought us to the brink of World War II.  Maise Dobbs has been asked to investigate a young man who is missing and was who was working on a secret project for the government.  She also had to figure out how to move forward with Anna. AND then there is Dunkirk and the horror of that!

Somehow, Jacqueline Winspear has managed to once again top herself.  The way she manages with so few words allow us to learn about Dunkirk with the visceral responses of her characters.  I also liked the way she shared the information about how the different supplies were not always safe for people. She reminded us about the preciousness of life with the flotilla of boats trying to save the soldiers and the trial of the new paints.  

I love the Maise Dobbs books.  To Die But Once is another great book by Jacqueline Winspear.


Rome's Chance by Joanna WyldeCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Rome’s Chance by Joanna Wylde was a fun visit with the Reapers.  The Reapers live in Hallies Fall where there was a large wildfire and many people in the town left after all their homes and possessions burned.  That is what Randi’s family did. Rome had one date with her and recognized her innocence and wanted to take it slow. Then they left. Randi came back for her 10th class reunion to find her mother and younger siblings in need and Rome.  He ran into her at the grocery store and asked her out. Only to have so much happen… and then a second date and even more happened… The story was a great short read and I really really liked Rome. He made a great book boyfriend.


Rome’s Chance by Joanna Wylde was a great read, but short :(


Rock Chick Reborn by Kristen AshleyCoolCoolHeartThumbs up

Rock Chick Reborn by Kristen Ashley was a fun surprise.  I was not expecting a book about Shirleen by I was really glad to read it.  I love how Shirleen got her man, Moses, her family and her happily ever after.  I do think she could have been more badass, but was glad to see her drop her shell with someone.  


Shirleen’s cart was run into in the grocery store by a hot guy.  He did it on purpose and flirted with her as well as tried to convince her to go out with him.  She shut him down. That is why what the HOT GUYS did was so awesome! And why Shirleen went on Rock Chick freeze out!  And then Shirleen’s sons pulling Protect Mom Sneak! And then… perhaps I should stop…


Rock Chick Reborn by Kristen Ashley was a good read!

OH - and maybe we could have a story about HOT GUYS 2 (Shirleen’s boys)?


The Start of Something Good by Jennifer ProbstCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Start of Something Good is the first book in a new series by Jennifer Probst called Stay.  The story focuses on a family of three siblings in the New York’s Hudson Valley. They run an inn and a rescue farm for horses.  


The Start of Something Good focuses on Ethan Bishop.  He left when he was 18 wanting to save the world. He was a paratrooper going on dangerous missions to save people.  He also was a bodyguard for some of Hollywood’s elite. All was lost when a secret mission went badly, the person of importance was killed and he was badly injured.  Suddenly with surgeries, physical therapy and the symptoms of PTSD, he heads home to hide and heal.


Mia is finally almost where she wants to be.  She is leading her own PR firm, living in Manhattan, living and working her life to help good people succeed.  Mia loves the beats, noise and constant movement of the city. The great clothes do not hurt either. Then she was on a horse farm ‘babysitting’ a client’s college aged daughter and suddenly her life spins out of control.  There is a chicken who hates her and chases her. There are people on vacation who want to talk to her, a teenage with attitude and to top it all off - the most infuriating man known who is constantly seems to find fault with her.  


Mia and Ethan seem to clash and spark off each other!  They are a wonderful characters who are so much fun to read about.  The other distractions with rehab, abused animals, families and small towns just make the story full and interesting.  I really enjoyed The Start of Something Good by Jennifer Probst! It was a great read.


The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregorCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor is the third book in a series called the Cavensham Heiresses. I picked up this book not realizing that the book was part of a series.  I found the book quite interesting and did not feel any problems due to reading a book without reading the prior books.  


Marsh Lawson, the oldest child of a close family, suddenly became the head of the family with her younger sisters and brother.  She managed for over a half dozen years, no matter the difficulty with managing and making ends meet. Marsh has been signing documents with the name of the Marquess of McCalpin to help maintain food and proper clothing for her siblings.  After all, the man was supposed to be taking care of them until her brother reached his majority and he was not doing his job and she was only taking money from her dowry.  


The Marquess of McCalpin  was notified that someone was taking money from the accounts, he was supposed to watch over.  Michael Cavensham did not keep the accounts himself but had “men” who took care of those things.  However, once apprised of the situation, he informed Marsh that any further withdrawals even from her account were unacceptable and sent her on her way, without even listening to her.


The fear, Michael felt that someone would find out his secret.  The desperation, Marsh felt for her family and the fear that can with that would push her toward Michael helping them.  The secret and other interesting supposed truths would cause the situation to spiral out of control. Was Marsh really the imposter some said, or was someone setting her up to hide the theft of larger amounts of money.  


I enjoyed The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor.  The twists of the plots were interesting as were the characters.  The safety of younger siblings made the story more emotionally stirring. Michael’s secret grew in complexity in his mind. He worked so hard to keep it that he missed how his family cared for him and probably wouldn’t care.  


The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor was a good read.  


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At first I thought it said spa season. Either way it is a sign of rejuvenation! On a Kristin Hannah kick, loved Winter Garden. Happy reading!

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Cities are fun but exhausting. Like you the quiet is needed.

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Have loved reading every one of Lisa Scottoline's books. Can't wait for the next one to arrive on bookshelves. Thanks for sharing your remarkable talent!

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August snow days! What a fantastic idea! I've been reading Martin Walker's Bruno series set in rural France full or recipes. Yum