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Ride Dirty by Laura KayeCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Ride Dirty: A Raven Riders by Laura Kaye is a novella about Caine McKannon. He is the Sergeant at Arms for the Raven Riders. He is the man who takes care of things and protects the club. While he was looking out for a woman the club is protecting, he saw Emma Kerry being mugged and jumped in to help her.


Emma Kerry is sweet, kind and caring kindergarten teacher. She is obviously hurting from the attack and Caine helps her. He finds that he is struggling to let her memory go. Emma decides to find Caine and accidentally involves the club, who then push Caine the final steps toward seeing Emma. Meanwhile not all is well in Emma’s world. Seemingly random occurrences have put Caine on edge to protect Emma, since that is what he does well… Falling in love is not an option.


The Raven Riders are one of my favorite MC series. They are both good and bad, alpha males who are into helping and saving others. However, they are still a Motorcycle Club with its allegiances and over the top attitudes. Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye was a fun, fast read.

Genuine Fraud by E.LockhartCoolUnsureConfusedWild

What a twisted tale and ride for the reader!  Genuine Fraud by E.Lockhart has my brain still mulling even after the book has been finished. I am honestly unsure about how I feel about the book.  First of all the book is not a linear forward story. It goes backward in vignettes, each showing more and more of a story that is really hard to take in.  Perhaps it would have been easier if I was reading a paper book and could look back at times or if I took notes.


The main character seems to be Jule. She is a chameleon and I never felt like we had the chance to know the real Jule. She seemed to constantly take on the role of another. Imogen was another one of the main characters.  She seemed to be searching constantly for something. Her up and downs and changes were significant. Why she ran away and why Jule was her friend or why Jule ran away and Imogen was her friend were unanswered questions for me…


Having said all the confusing parts above, I did not stop reading the book.  I wanted to follow the trail backward. I wanted to know what was happening and how things twisted and turned.  I found the characters interesting and the story line compelling. Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart was an interesting read with many hidden pieces.  


Dead Girl Running by Christina Dodd CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Dead GIrl Running by Christina Dodd comes out next month.  I enjoy this author, so I was very happy that Harlequin changed their mind and allowed me to preview the book.  I found the story interesting and it kept me on the edge of my seat. I look forward to reading more books in this series.


Kellen Adams works for a hotel on the Pacific Coast in a place called Yearning Sands.  She was the assistant manager left in charge while the owners went on vacation. As a main character, she is a complicated person.  Kellen survived an abusive husband, a missing year, living on the streets, a stint in the army and eventually a new place to live and be at home.  Meanwhile, not all is easy going at the hotel, smuggling, a murder, and a murder mystery weekend, flashing lights and missing people. So many twists and turns made the story intense.  Information is slowly leaked out as the story moves between the past and the present.


Dead Girl Running by Christina Dodd is the first book in a new series called Cape Charade. I liked many of the characters. The book takes place near Virtue Falls, another series by the same author.  There was a small overlap of a character, but certainly not enough take away from the story if you haven’t read any other of her novels. Dead Girl Running by Christina Dodd is a good read!

Thorn by Daphne Loveling CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Thorn by Daphne Loveling is the fifth book in the Lord of Carnage Series.  The book is the story of Thorn and Isabel. Isabel is the daughter of Oz is the President of the Death Devils MC.  He has been threatened and asked Thorn - a member of a rival MC to guard her. Isabel is not happy. She feels sheltered and unable to live her life because of Thorn and her father Oz.  She is quite unhappy. Not that Thorn is too happy. Suddenly he is forced to be a babysitter for someone who has no idea how dangerous the world is and how easily she could be killed. Together, they fight and … don’t.

The story is a fast read with lots of anger and heat.  Thorn by Daphne Loveling is a good read.

The Recipe Box by Viola ShipmanCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman is a very special book.  So special that I would consider it a 5 star read (something I do rarely).  The book highlights what is truly important in life; love and family. Viola Shipman has written a book that is universal in its message.


The main character,  Sam was trying to find herself and how she fit in life. She comes home to her family orchid after losing a job.  Her connections with her mother and grandmother are shared when they bake together and discuss life while baking.  Stories unfold from the different recipes from the Recipe Box (full of family recipes from the past). Each recipe brings warmth and love and stories that help illuminate the family, love, life and the strength of that.  


I loved the book.  Viola Shipman’s book is one I wholeheartedly suggest as a read for everyone. Bakers will love the old family recipes that are shared. Readers will connect with the characters as they show how they love and laugh.   The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman is a fantastic read.


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26.03 | 16:01

At first I thought it said spa season. Either way it is a sign of rejuvenation! On a Kristin Hannah kick, loved Winter Garden. Happy reading!

19.03 | 14:10

Cities are fun but exhausting. Like you the quiet is needed.

30.08 | 21:25

Have loved reading every one of Lisa Scottoline's books. Can't wait for the next one to arrive on bookshelves. Thanks for sharing your remarkable talent!

28.08 | 06:12

August snow days! What a fantastic idea! I've been reading Martin Walker's Bruno series set in rural France full or recipes. Yum