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Not That I Could Tell by Jessica StrawserCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs upShocked

Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser was a gripping psychological thriller that sent chills up my spine during the climax.  The story focused around a neighborhood and a group of woman in the neighborhood who were sitting around a fire pit one night swapping stories and the next day one of them was gone.  Gone, with her children, without any clues and a confused ex husband looking for her and the children. The rest of the woman were questioned again and again. Various theories were spouted but without evidence...there was no closure for the women.


The book is written in various voices mostly Clara and Izzy, although some of the thoughts are from Kristen (the missing mother).  The story goes back and forth opening up various avenues for the reader to ponder. What I found most remarkable is that I was glad I was along for the ride.  I was enjoying the story so much and was wondering so much about what was going to happen, that I really didn’t want the book to end and I read it very slowly (for me).  It is a rare occurrence in my world to have that happen. I liked the slow reveal and the main characters. 


Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser was a great read, with good writing, characters and a plotline that built suspense as the book moved along!  


Hawk by Daphne Loveling CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The second of Daphne Loveling’s Lords of Carnage MC series is called Hawk.  As a member of the MC, he is loyal to the group with no family and other ties.  Hawk was playing guitar at Jenna and Ghost’s wedding when Samantha (the photographer) was taking pictures.  They both made eye contact and well - the story really started. Hawk knew she was all wrong for him. He was not a keeper, no serious relationships.  


Samantha has just ended a long term relationship and moved to the small town to be near her grandmother.  She has decided that she is staying in town and beginning a new business of photography. Samantha is not all excited about Hawk and his attitude toward her.  


Hawk runs hot and cold, as he works on figuring out what he wants and what he can do about it. Meanwhile the club has some serious issues that Hawk is dealing with, which causes him to be put in harm’s way.  And he does not think that will allow him to maintain a relationship as it wouldn’t be fair.


Hawk is a great next read in the  Lords of Carnage Series. You might need a helmet.  


Ghost by Daphne LovelingCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Ghost is the first book in the Lords of Carnage Series.  The Lords of Carnage are a Motorcycle Club. They are in a small town where some of the town likes having them there and others don’t. Ghost has always lived near the MC and joined when he was younger. It is his family and his life. He had a one night affair that he has never forgot…Jenna.  

Jenna moves back to town.  She has had desperate times, but is willing to move back with her son Noah, while she is able to get on her feet again.  What no one knows is that her son Noah is Ghost’s son as well. Her brother Angel (also in the Lords of Carnage MC) gets her a job as a bartender at the club, where she is faced with Ghost.  Neither has ever forgotten the other, but they are not going there… RIGHT?

Meanwhile outside sources are causing some issues with the MC and Jenna and Angel’s father is acting frantic and scared.  Ghost by Daphne Loveling series about the Lord of Carnage is a good read!


Playing His Way by Erika WildeCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Playing His Way is the fourth book in the Player’s Club series.  It is not for everyone, as it is unabashedly erotic. The storyline is about a “Player’s Club” were all sorts of kink occurs.  It has been bought by Mac and is being refurbished by Stephanie.


Stephanie is hired to make several guest rooms into “fantasy” rooms.  She is quite excited by the project. The problem is that Stephanie has a thing for Mac thinks he does not.  Mac thinks she is hot, but wants nothing long term and Stephanie is long term. That is before they decide to “check out” each of the fantasy rooms with the deal that when the rooms are done - they are done…  Right. HOT HOT HOT


Playing His Way by Erika Wilde is hot, hot, hot.


Perilous Trust by Barbara FreethyCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Perilous Trust by Barbara Freethy was a romantic thriller.  The book contained all the important elements of running for you lives with an old one night stand showing up again.  Sophie and Damon sparked quite nicely and that allowed the reader to fall for them! I found the confusion of the situation for Sophie part of the charm of the book.  I also enjoyed Damon’s friends and all the baseball analogies.


The story goes that Sophie got a series of voice messages from her father basically telling her to run.  That is after she got a visit from his FBI friends telling her he was dead. So she ran and followed the information her dad gave her.  She was shot at, her home was invaded, and then Damon showed up. Just who she didn’t want to see. What a confusing time! Damon is there to help her, but she is uncertain about everything right now, including Damon.  Damon’s mentor was her father. Damon works for the FBI. Damon is an unknown, a one night stand from four years ago. Just what is going on… who is looking for her?


Perilous Trust was a fun read.  I enjoyed the characters and how they responded to each other.  I enjoyed the plotline of the story. Perilous Trust by Barbara Freethy was a good read.


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At first I thought it said spa season. Either way it is a sign of rejuvenation! On a Kristin Hannah kick, loved Winter Garden. Happy reading!

19.03 | 14:10

Cities are fun but exhausting. Like you the quiet is needed.

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Have loved reading every one of Lisa Scottoline's books. Can't wait for the next one to arrive on bookshelves. Thanks for sharing your remarkable talent!

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August snow days! What a fantastic idea! I've been reading Martin Walker's Bruno series set in rural France full or recipes. Yum