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Tightropeby Amanda Quick

Tightrope by Amanda Quick🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Amanda Quick’s newest series called Burning Cove was added to this month with her newest book called Tightrope.  The book is set in the early 1900s in a small town in California named Burning Cove. Each book can be read as a stand alone, but is a series whose characters show up in the next books.  Amanda Quick is Jayne Castle is Jayne Ann Krentz. When she writes under the pseudonym of Amanda Quick the story is considered a historical romance.  


Amalie Vaughn was a  trapeze artist until someone tried to murder her.  She luckily was able to save herself and moved into a new career.  She now owns a bed and breakfast place in Burning Cobe and hoping to start her life again.  However, the place she bought seems to have problems with the guests dying. The latest guest was shot by his own robot.  This begins a whole new field of inquiry and Amalie is sure their new inn will have to shut down.


Matthias Jones is looking into a case with a missing cypher machine.  He finds Amalie’s dead guest is trying to sell the cypher machine, but parts are missing.  As Matthias investigates his case, he is brought into Amalie’s vicinity and together they work toward solving the mystery, but that is not the only problems they have.  Soon they are knee deep into the unknown.


I love reading Amanda Quick novels.  I enjoy the unusal lead female characters and how well they match the men. I did feel this book started off a little slow and felt too much like the prior book, but once the story began to move along, that feeling faded.  Tightrope was a highwire read that kept you guessing to the end.

The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy

The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy was an historical romance novel.  It looked like it was following traditional line. Duke becomes a guardian to two young twins.  Governess is a bit of termingine. However, there were some twists to the story that I didn't see coming, but certainly added to the plot line!

Adam Fairfax is a reprobate.  He is the Duke of Sunderford and living a life of excess, when Isabel Finch and her two little girls came to his house to live.  Neither of them enjoy the other and seem to be constantly at odds. To make it more interesting, they seems to have chemistry between them.  The twin girls slowly worm their way into Sunderford’s life. He finds himself falling for them and changing his lifestyle slowly. The Isabel Finch, the governess was still a bit mysterious as some information begins to emerge, but there is still some surprises to come.  

The characters of Isabel and Sunny (the Duke’s nickname) were fun.  The story has some interesting twists that kept you reading! The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy was a fun read.

The Seduction of Lady Phoebe

The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn🙂🙂👍

The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn is one of her first books.  I found the novel as a reread enjoyable as I love the main character, Lady Phoebe. 

Phoebe Stanhope is a woman who knows what she wants.  A long time ago, she thought she found the ‘man’ she wanted, only to be disgusted by his behavior.  She drives her own phaeton and has some of the best “cattle” (horses) for her own stable. Phoebe is politically astute and is good with her independence.  Her family is not so sure. They are concerned that she doesn’t have a family and a husband. They want her to be happy and they believe being happy is being married.   

Lord Marcus Finley was the cad from years ago, but has remade himself into a better person.  He still has strong feelings for Phoebe, but needs her to give him a second chance. He has changed over the years, but is now back to help his family.  He has managed to promote a positive image so far, but she doesn’t know his name yet.

Two people who should be together, but are struggling to find their way forward.  Luckily Marcus gets some unexpected help from Phoebe’s family. There is also a questionable character hanging around, who might be more dangerous than anyone expects.

I read the Seduction of Lady Phoebe when it first came out and found the book okay. I knew she was a newer author.  I have since read other books and found that as she has written more books, her writing skills have grown. This novel, while not my favorite, does include one of my favorite characters, Lady Phoebe.  The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn is a pretty good read.

The Marquis She's Been Waiting For By Ella Quinn

The Marquis She's Been Waiting For by Ella Quinn🙂🙂👍👍

The Marquis She’s Been Waiting For by Ella Quinn is a fun historical romp.  The book was well written and an enjoyable read.  The book opens with two girls left alone by their mother upon word that their brother was returning from a trip abroad. Lady Dorcus Calthorp, called Dorie has been helping her neighbors out after all the situation is unacceptable.  

Alexander, the new Marquis of Exeter returned home after a trip abroad to find his mother has eloped and left his younger sisters alone in his town house in London.  Alexander knows he needs help and fast! He does not know how to run his house and his properties, after all his father thought he had plenty of time left to teach him.  

Dorrie wants to marry for love, not because Alex needed help with his sisters and land management.  Alex has much to learn. The ton of course has too many opinions about what is right.

The book was a slow romp with with Alex pressing his suit and Dorie being unavailable. I love how Alex kept pressing forward and still was able to help others.  I love how Dorie was willing to teach Alex how to manage his land and tenants. The story is part of a series, but can definitely can be read as a stand alonte. The Marquis She’s Been Waiting For by Ella Quinn was quite enjoyable - a good read!

The Marquis and I by Ella Quinn

The Marquis and I by Ella Quinn🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

The Marquis and I by Ella Quinn is the fourth book in The Worthington series.  The Worthingtons are a large family connected by love and family.  The woman are intelligent and bold.  They have the need to share their commitment to their family and causes with their spouses, but not all men are able to man up.

Lady Charlotte loves her family and is the last of the “graces” to get married.  She wants to marry someone she can love and who can love her back.  She has strong opinions about women and children and how they are stolen, kidnapped and sold… Due to her family and their work with taking down a woman who promoted women's servitude (kidnapping women and selling them), Charlotte is kidnapped off the street in front of her house. Constantine, Marquis of Kenilworth was driving by her house and decided to help save her….  That’s where the story gets interesting.

Charlotte and Constantine are fun together - even when she is mad at him.  I enjoyed the story of their romance.  The Marquis and I by Ella Quinn is a fun read.

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn is a fabulous read.  It contains a story too real to be fiction, but too outrageous to be real.   Kate Quinn introduced to us a spy network of women during WWI, the amazing work they did, and the consequences they faced. WOW.

The story is told in two different times, during WWI before Verdun in 1916  and a couple of years after WWII.  Charlie St. Clair, an unmarried pregnant college girl is on a quest to find her cousin Rose.  Her road leads her to Eve Gardiner, a woman with severely crippled hands who survives between bouts of whiskey.  Finn is her driver and looks after Eve. The three of them leave to find answers. The story moves back and forth between Eve slowly giving up answers or sharing memories and Charlie’s search for Rose.  

I loved the different voices between the times.  I loved how the tension Kate Quinn wrote in between the characters made you feel like you were there.  I found both storylines fascinating and felt so strongly about the three women - the three flowers and their strength.   I hope this story wakes people up to the sacrifices many make during war. The Alice Network by Kate Quinn is a fabulous read that will stay with me for a while.  


Against the Claw by Shari Randall

Against the Claw by Shari Randall 🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

The Lazy Mermaid Lobster Shack in Mystic Bay is back in the second book named Against the Claw.  Shari Randall has written a fun cozy mystery. Ballerina Allie Larkin is still attempting to heal her broken ankle.  She has been helping her aunt out at her lobster shack. There have been lines of tourists and plenty of lobster rolls to go around.  Even her sister Lorel has been pitching in. Allie ends up helping empty lobster traps with a friend only to find a dead body. From here we are launched into an investigation of who this unknown person is between cracking lobsters and getting ready to cater a huge party for the nearby celebrity, where still another murder victim is found.

Allie has friends that help her out investigating and a town with different characters that could have something to do with what is going on.  The mysteries are interesting. The setting with the lobster shack is different and the situations are worthy of Jessica Fletcher. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.  Against the Claw by Shari Randall was a good read.

Claws of Action by Linda Reilly

Claws of Action by Linda Reilly🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Cat Lady Mysteries #4 was called Claws of Action by Linda Reilly.  The book is considered a cosy mystery and is focused on Aunt Fran and Lara and their homey shelter for cats.  They have worked hard to set up a nice shelter for cats and to help them find their forever home. However, Lara seems to be a lightning rod for murder mysteries.  She just can’t seem to help herself by asking questions and trying to figure out what happened and who did it!  

This mystery introduced us to the new building inspector who was determined to shut down the shelter because it was not following the rules necessary to be a cat cafe. Too bad, she was the one murdered, since we already know we do not like her!  We also met the town sheriff (special friend of Aunt Fran) and a lawyer Gideon (special friend of Lara). The town is populated as any small town would be with lots of people who all know each other and the rumors run fast! The town is based on a small town in the northern half of New Hampshire based on the hints given.  

I really liked the two main characters of Lara and Aunt Fran.  I felt they would be someone to be friends with and that this town could be a home for me. (The fact I do live in a small town in central New Hampshire could be a deciding factor.) I liked the way the mystery was rolled out with the various twists and turns.  I did not have the mystery figured out so the ending was fun. Claws of Action by Linda Reilly, the fourth book in the Cat Lady Mysteries was a fun read.


A Fairbanks Affair by Katie Regnery

A Fairbanks Affair by Katie Regnery🙂🙂👍👍

The Odds Are Good magazine has caught another couple.  A Fairbanks Affair is the third book in the Odds Are Good series by Katie Regnery.  The magazine puts out unusual ads from Alaska in this case from Fairbanks. Obviously, someone from the lower 48 reads the ads and answers it and so each story begins.  


Mr. Fairbanks (Trevor or T), a businessman, puts an ad out for a New Year’s encounter of the intimate kind.  Faith (Faye) answers wanting to change her status. They agree with their aliases. Faye goes to Alaska early and runs into a man called Trevor.  They both have similar interests and find each other interesting. Both have elements from their past that have caused them to act in certain ways.  As T and Faye learn more about each other, things began to shift, but there is still that Odds Are Good ad meeting out there.  


Once again, Katie Regnery caught my attention from the beginning and kept it throughout the whole book!  I loved the characters and the story line. I found A Fairbanks Affair by Katie Regnery was a great read. 

Nome-o Seeks Juliet by Katy Regnery🙂🙂👍👍

Nome-0 Seeks Juliet by Katy Regnery is another great read.  This is the second book in the Odds-Are-Good series. The series is based on ads placed in a Odds-Are-Good publications.  Cody Garrison, has put an add in for a woman sled dog musher.  He is willing to help them train as long as they run The Qimmiq 200.  Cody needs to run that race with a woman in order to qualify for the Iditarod.

Juliet Sanderson is a veterinary student who has a project on sled dogs and their mushers.  Her first situation fell through, but then her roommate saw an add in Odds-Are-Good publication.  She immediately responds and heads for Nome.

Both Juliet and Cody have had hard times.  Juliet’s advisor was using her and leaving helps with the separation.  Cody, a retired U.S. Marine was permanently disabled and is unsure about how Juliet will deal with that knowledge.  Juliet did not tell Cody that she was using him for her research. Neither expected what would happen next.

Once again Katy Regnery has written a wonderful love story with characters who are flawed, but yet with time manage to find their way to each other.  However, once the research is done and Juliet leaves, what will happen next. Nome-o Seeks Juliet by Katy Regnery is a wonderful read.


Single in Sitka by Katy Regnery

Single in Sitka by Katy Regnery🙂🙂👍👍

Single in Sitka by Katy Regnery is a great new romance.  Love can come again even when you are not ready and Katy knows how to write a romance!  I love the story and found it a good fast read! 

Amanda and her partner write a column for the local paper.  They are desperate for this month’s focus when Amanda runs across a story about bear problems in Sitka.  Her partner helps her pitch the story in such a way, that Amanda has to go find the story. Meanwhile Amanda has broken up with her boyfriend of years and has found herself looking at Odds are Good website at the single men from Alaska. So while she looks for the story in Sitka, she also goes on a date with a HOT state trooper.  What starts as a hot date turns into more, but with kids, poor communication and a long distance romance - what could go wrong??? 

Katy Regnery knows how to write romance!  Single in Sitka reminded us that there, almost always, can always be romance.  Single in Sitka by Katy Regnery is a great read!


The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss

The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss👍👍👍

The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss is a wonderful Middle School book about surviving in WWII.  The story was based on Johanna’s life when she was young and the Nazis ruled Holland. Johanna was hidden with her older sister, Sini for two years and seven months.  I can’t even imagine that life, never going outside, never been seen from a window, and having a secret hiding place when the German soldiers came.

Annie (Johanna’s nickname when she was young) as a Jew found her life slowly being taken away, no shopping, no school, no anything, until she was left to hide for over two years.  I am grateful, I had the chance to read this book. I look forward to the students reading the story and finding out more about Annie’s life.

The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss is a special read.  The book has won all sorts of literary awards and more importantly opened people’s eyes to the truth of the past.  It was an honor to read!

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