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The Honey Don't List by Christina Laurens

The Honey Don't List by Christina LaurensπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

The Honey Don’t List by Christina Lauren was an interesting read.  The book blurb spoke to the two assistants of known personalities falling for each other.  What it missed telling us was how ironic it was watching the dissolution of one marriage and the hope and promise of a new love.  

The story line was like watching a train wreck.  Melly and Russ were famous and just finished writing a book and opening a new TV show, but you knew something big was coming, but you just didn’t know when and where it would actually happen. Carey and James, their assistants ran around trying to keep the facade of the marriage bright and bubbly to the world.  The strength of Carey even with Melly’s overbearingness was awesome! I loved James' quiet support. 

I found the story interesting with distinct characters who were well rounded.The story line was a slow climb to a crashing climax, which was broadcasted by various pieces of writing from the future.  The Honey Don’t List by Christina Lauren was a good read.

The Pursuits of Lord Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens

The Pursuits of Lord Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens 🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

The Pursuits of Lord Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens is the second book in a new series about the Cavanaughs.   Lord Christopher “Kit” Cavanaugh has found a new path for himself.  No longer needing to spend so much time avoiding his mother’s mechanisms, he can move forward with what is important to him.  He has decided that moving to Bristol, where there are large numbers of artisans with the ability to build wooden ships, to work for Cavanaugh Yachts.  He is excited by the prospect and hopeful of finding his way. His first need to find a warehouse that meets his needs. That is when he finds her - Miss Sylvia Buckleberry.


Miss Sylvia Buckleberry has a passion for helping young boys get an education.  She has founded a school - in a warehouse that she can no longer use - because of Cavanaugh Yachts.  Kit helps Sylvia find a new and better place for her school and then becomes a patron of her school to help her.  Both Kit and Sylvia have always believed that marriage and a family are not their paths, but now they have found each other.


The Pursuits of Lord Cavanaugh is a different kind of historical fiction novel.  It moves slower and spends time with each of the main characters spends time (in their head) looking at the situations around them.  The novel does do serious heat - but at the end. There are so situations that lead to “mysteries”, but each one is resolved in a satisfactory way as the characters move forward. The Pursuits of Lord Cavanaugh is good read with its focus on characters and people moving forward.

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne was just what I needed today.  A wonderful romance with characters with a past and a healthy distrust for marriage.  The setting of the story is glittering New York City with the rich and famous. It is in this setting we find Matt Canyon and Sabrina Cross. Two people who seem to either bicker constantly or are having mad sex.  However, Matt needs help and Sabrina is known as the ‘fixer’. Matt asks Sabrina to help him, save his job by posing as his girlfriend. She agrees with one exception - no sex - none….

Matt’s need for help is hard for him.  Sabrina helping him opens her eyes to what she really wants out of life, a love, a companion, something meaningful and long lasting.  Matt does not believe he will find love, he just wants to save his job by changing his reputation from a partier to a trustworthy money man.  To top it all off, the one person he has always wanted to be a money manager for shows up and throws everything in turmoil.

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne was a fun, quick, enjoyable read.  

Hurricane Hearts by Nina Levine

Hurricane Hearts by Nina Levine🙂🙂❤👍

Hurricane Hearts by Nina Levine is a book in the Storm MC Reloaded series.  The book follows Winter and Birdie for the second part of their long history.  Most of the book is about their love story and only a bit about the MC. The book reveals what happened to Winter and Birdie in the past and then moves into the present and what they are working through.  I did enjoy the book and found it to be a bit heart wrenching in places. Hurricane Hearts by Nina Levine is a hot and heavy love story.

A Study in Scandal by Caroline Linden

A Study In Scandal by Caroline Linden πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

A Study in Scandal by Caroline Linden is the 3.5th book in the series called Scandalous. I have not read any of the other books in the series, but was willing to try a new series and author.  I did enjoy the novel despite my dislike of Samantha’s father.  

Earl of Stratford is not a nice man.  As a matter of fact, he is a mean person!  His family stands in fear of him. His daughter, Lady Samantha Lennox has angered her father and he has decided that she will be married to a horrid man as punishment.  Samantha is resigned to her fate, she thought, until she decided to go see her brother for help. Only a series of incidents happened and she is saved by Lord George Churchill-Gray.   Samantha desperate to avoid the marriage and her father pretends to have amnesia. Gray allows her to stay in his room and he stays in his studio. He is an artist and wants to paint her and feels drawn to her.  But time stands still for no man and woman and things are bound to be revealed.  

I enjoyed Caroline Linden’s writing.  I found it read it quickly as it was not a long novel.  I have read about artists and their exhibits in the past during this time period and found that part of the novel particularly interesting.  A Study in Scandal by Caroline Linden was a fun read.

About an Earl by Diana Lloyd

About an Earl by Diana LloydπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

About an Earl by Diana Lloyd is a historical romance with a couple of twists with the main characters.  Jewel and Oliver are not the ordinary characters. The Earl of Winchcombe is about to be trapped into marriage by Jewel’s cousin.  The mechanisms her cousin is willing to go into just to be married to a man just for the money and prestige disgust Jewel.  She is from the colonies and is feeling out of place in London with all the tonne and the class systems, but here she is in the midst of it all.   Jewel’s good deed does not go unpunished. Her uncle sends her off to the farthest reaches of Scotland. Luckily Oliver does not let that happen and goes after her to save her.   However, things are much more involved that that.  


I did enjoy the story and the various happenings in the story.  As always, lack of communication and twisted reasoning were definitely contributing problems to the story.  I liked the way the story unfolded and was interesting. About an Earl by Diana Lloyd was a good read.

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

29 Seconds by T M Logan

29 Seconds by T M Logan😲😲🀭🀭

29 Seconds was an absolute masterpiece of a thriller.  The build up was perfect helping you understand the background to the event.  The constant pressure, the unknown possibilities, the worries and concerns about being the cause.  The deal with the devil….

The book seriously creeped me out.  I found myself not being able to read the next part, but unable to put the book down.  It gnaws at you like a living thing… what will happen next?  

It asks the best of questions… would you give a name? 29 Seconds is a thriller of a read!


Lies by T. M. Logan

Lies by T. M. Logan🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Lies by T. M Logan gave me the willies….seriously the willies.  From the first chapter to the last, I was held in it’s grip wondering how it could possibly end.  I worried about the main character and his family. I wondered at how easily he was slowly being herded by a maniac.  The social media aspect made the story extremely relevant to today and helped story’s power over the reader grow...and then the end happened.  OH MY…

Joe, a family man, the main caretaker of their young son, William sees his wife’s car someplace he was not expected and decides to meet her there and surprise her.  Only it is there, that the story takes its first turn and suddenly Joe is embroiled in a mystery. Ben is dead? Is gone? Is missing? And Joe is the prime everything.  Every step seems to make things worse as he tries to find his way… and the social media certainly plays a large role in this story.

I liked Joe a great deal as the main character.  I found him likable and trusting. Some of the other characters - not so much.  The story took my breath away a couple of times with the incidences, but I really wanted to know the truth and I needed to keep reading.  Lies by T.M. Logan was a good read.

The Princess Plan by Julia London

The Princess Plan by Julia LondonπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

The Princess Plan by Julia London is a historical romance of a commoner and a prince.  Eliza Tricklebank is a spinster.  She lives with her dad and helps him with his law work, being his eyes.  She is not expecting anything else. Prince Sebastian of Alucia is in England to set up a trade agreement between their countries.   Two very different people in very different circumstances.  


The storyline has Eliza and Sebastian meeting over rum punch not knowing each other.   Later Sebastian storms into her house thinking that she is responsible for knowing information he needs to explain the murder of his secretary and find the killer.  Eliza is not easily pushed and throws him out. Somehow they end up searching for new information, even though no one wants Eliza to help. Sebastian can’t let go of Eliza, but he is supposed to marry a top tier debutante.  


Julia London is one of my go to authors.  This story felt more modern than the time suggested and a fictional land is not a favorite.  Having said that, I read the book quickly in a couple of sittings. I liked how quirky Eliza was and quite frankly wish she could stay her quirky self.  The Princess Plan by Julia London starts a new series called A Royal Wedding and was a good read.


Jason by Julia London

Jason by Julia LondonπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€

Jason by Julia London is the second book in a new series called the 7 Brides for the 7 Blackthornes.  Each of the books are written by different authors. The Blackthornes consist of a group of cousins and brothers who were brought up together.  The Blackthorns are rich based off the the famous Whiskey they make. 

Jason is one of the cousins.  He felt he was always being left behind with so many boys always needing things.  He spent his time hiding out watching movies. As an adult, that is still what Jason does - only now he makes them.  He also is very self focused, constantly moving, thinking and losing everything. He needs a person who keeps his schedule and finds what he needs.  

Mallory Price is a storyteller and wants to be a director.  Getting a job with Jason Blackthorne is a dream, a way to learn how to do what she dreams of, a step to move her closer to her dream.  Only working for him is not easy AND he constantly seems to need Mallory - nights, vacations, etc. Mallory ends up flying to Maine only to try to stem the mess.

Jason and Mallory find it hard to stay apart in Maine.  He finally gets to hear what she has been wanting to suggest and then everything breaks open.  Jason by Julia London is a fun flirty read with lots of fun characters.


Devil in Tartan by Julia London

Devil in Tartan by Julia London🙂🙂❤❤👍

Devil In Tartan by Julia London is the fourth book in the Highland Brides Series.  

Lottie Livingstone and her family are struggling to make ends meet. Her father has come up with another scheme to help make money.  He has distilled whiskey and wishes to sell it abroad (Denmark) since it is unlicensed. He convinces the only man who has a boat, load it with whiskey and sell it.  The problems with the situation are endless and it is Lottie who has to bear the burden after her father’s injury.

Aulay runs his ship for his family.  It is on the water that he feels the most free and capable in his family.  It is his ship that arrives to help and it is his ship that is taken over. It is his ship that is used to transport the whiskey.  Lottie and Aulay are smitten and then things get interesting.

I have liked all the the books in the Highland Groom Series by Julia London.  This particular one is not my favorite of all the books, but I did enjoy the story and the characters.  I liked how Lottie was willing to take the responsibility for her clan. I liked how the clan worked to support Lottie. The plot felt a bit contrived for me especially at the ending, despite that I did complete the book and found the ending satisfying. Devil in Tartan by Julia London was a interesting read with all the twists and turns.

Angel in a Devil's Arms by Julie Anne Long

Angel in a Devil's Arms by Julie Anne LongπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

Angel in a Devil’s Arms by Julie Anne Long is the second book in The Palace of the Rogues series. While each book can be read alone, readers may prefer to read both books.  In this historical romance, Angelique the part owner of the Grand Palace on the Thames (an upscale rooming house) is the main female character. She has gone through so much and is finally able to feel content.

Lucien Durand known as Lord Bolt was thought to be dead, but shows up at the Grand Palace of the Thames to stay.  He is all about revenge for what happened to him. Years of anger have built up in him and his need for revenge is overwhelming. Angelique fascinates him and only wants friendship, but he wants more...

I loved reading the first book and have looked forward to this second novel!  I enjoy Julie Anne Long’s premise and the characters she has populated the novel with.  I found the premise different than most historical romances, which I enjoyed. The reader was able to read right along and nothing seemed to be over done.  Angel in a Devil’s Arms by Julie Anne Long is a good read.

Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long

Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long is an historical romance novel with a twist.  When Lord Derring dies suddenly, Delilah, Lady Derring discovers that everything is mortgaged to the hilt.  She is left without a home, money and pushed out into the world, but her husband left her one building, down by the docks for some unknown reason.  When she confronts the lawyer, she meets his mistress who also is left without a thing. Together they decided to take on the world and work together.  

Captain Tristan Hardy is in charge of a group dedicated to stopping smuggling.  He is determined to stomp out the group who are secreting cigars into the country and have them punished.  Too bad, Lady Derring is somehow involved. He will need to stay close and figure out how everyone is involved. It is also too bad that he is falling for Delilah and she for him.

Lady Derring Takes a Lover by Julie Anne Long is the first book in a series called “The Palace of Rogues”.  I suspect some of the interesting characters we have met will continue to populate the book along with other new characters that are equally as interesting.  Lady Derring Takes a Lover is an fun, historical romance.

Tank by Daphne Loveling

Tank by Daphne Loveling is the latest in her series about the Lords of Carnage.  This series has introduced us to each of the members one and a time when they fall for their love.  Tamk is single and used to being ready to drop everything and take care of business.  Until the day that a little four year old is dropped off at his door with a note that Wren is his daughter.  Suddenly, Tanks whole world changes and he is father. 

Cady has her own burden and is starting all over again.  She is waitressing when Tank and Wren come in.  Luckily for Tank, Cady is willing to watch Wren while he takes care of club business.  Tank comes across as such a jerk until he realizes how Cady is important to him, but by then it might be too late.

Daphne Loveling's series about Lords of Carnage has dragged me into their world.  I look forward to each novel and have not been disappointed.  Tank by Daphne Loveling is a good read.


Iron Will: Ironwood Chapter by Daphne Loveling

Iron Will:  Ironwood Chapter by Daphne Loveling🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Daphne Loveling has a new MC romance series called  Lords of Carnage: Ironwood Chapter. The first book is called Iron Will and introduces Rourke Powers - a Vice President - of the Ironwood Chapter.  He is visiting in the hospital when he stops an incident from occurring and meets Delaney Hart. She is the hospital’s social worker and is both appalled and fascinated by Rourke. Rourke continues to find reasons to see Delaney and eventually she agrees to go out with him.

The novel also introduces us to the rest of the Ironwood Chapter and their struggles as a MC.  This introduction opens us up to further books and intrigue that comes from this MC. Iron Will was a good read from Daphne Loveling and I look forward to reading more of this series.  


Iron Heart by Daphne Loveling

Iron Heart by Daphne Loveling🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Iron Heart by Daphne Loveling just came out.  I was so happy to be pulled back into a great MC romance.  The Lords of Carnage are a Motorcycle Club. They are in a small town called Ironwood and in general are either ignored or at least avoided by the population of the town. 

Tori is a newspaper reporter in Ironwood.  She just moved there after her aunt left her house to Tori.  Tori has always felt surrounded by things she cannot control, so being in Ironwood away from her over-protective family is a start. For a start she needs an electrician for her house.

Lords of Carnage’s enforcer is Dante and he is HOT. He is also an electrician who Tori hires to fix her electrical problems.  Dante would like to fix other problems too. Tori is hot and he is immediately attracted to her. The problem is Dante doesn’t do long term and right now he is dealing with his brother Dom. The club is dealing with encroachers on their territory. 

Tori and Dante are a great story.  They have chemistry and lots of heat.  I like the determination in Tori and the fight to live her life, her way.  Dante is part of that! Iron Heart by Daphne Loveling is a HOT MC book.

Forgiveness: Lord of Carnage MC Christmas by Daphne Loveling

Forgiveness:  Lord of Carnage MC Christmas by Daphne Loveling πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

Forgiveness by Daphne Loveling is a Lord of Carnage MC novella focusing on the MC during Christmas.  Angel is the president and is presented with an unusual problem. A guest shows up, someone who should be dead, who is obviously alive.  This throws the whole MC into a tizzy with secrets coming out and the future of the MC is at risk. I like how the old ladies decorated the clubhouse before the men could object.  I liked how the MC found their way forward even with the scandal that happened.  


Forgiveness:  Lord of Carnage MC Christmas by Daphne Loveling was a good read. 


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