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Lady Osbaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols by Stephanie Laurens

 Lady Osbaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols by Stephanie LaurensCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Lady Osbaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols is a quick Christmas read by Stephanie Laurens.  While the book focuses on Lady Osbaldestone’s grandchildren, her characteristic wit and matchmaking is also an element.  

Lady Osbaldestone is at her home in a small village when three of her grandchildren show up unexpectedly.  Since the three spent a similar amount of time with her last year, she is lets them stay only to have another grandchild show up out of the blue sent by her mother.  With the cousins already there, Lady Osbaldestone allows the days before the holiday will be busy. The children join a special chorus as does a couple of other children of the ton do and while solving a mystery, many connections are made.

The story was a fun read.  I love how the the children/ teens band together to help solve a mystery.  I love the music and the focus on giving back was highlighted within the novel. Lady Osbaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols by Stephanie Laurens was a happy, holiday read.

The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750: Jacqueline by Stephanie Laurens

he Legend of Nimway Hall 1750: JacquelineCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750:  Jacqueline by Stephanie Laurens is the first book in an unusual series.  The series is about a place in Great Britain called Nimway Hall. Each book is about a different generation and written by a different author. Luckily, I fell into the first one of the series first, so I can read them in order!

Jacqueline is the lady of Nimway Hall.  The land and house are passed down through the female line - unusual for the time.  There seems to be legends and old wives tales told about the woods and the land. The hall only prospers when the land is taken care of by the lady of the hall.  Jacqueline watches her land with love, however the stream that runs through the property and is depended on by many has slowed to a trickle. They have found another source of water and found an unusual orb while digging.

Richard Devries was cutting across country heading toward his uncle’s house.  He is tired of the fortune hunters mamas out to force him into marriage with their daughters.  However, he managed to get lost. He runs across two men who seemed to be discussing how they diverted the stream from the neighbors.  Richard follows the stream and finds Nimway Hall.

Both Jacqueline and Richard end up spending a number of day together and find they have chemistry.  Richard has no problem letting Jacqueline take the lead with her people. Jacqueline had no problem with Richard helping her avoid the various suitors vying for her hand.  He solves the stream problem and together they resolve the question of the orb (sort of) and the reason behind the stream blockage.

But there is more at stake.  Are Jacqueline and Richard meant to be together?  I enjoyed the storyline and did not mind the mystery, magic and romance all woven together.  I did download the next book and look forward to continuing the series. The Legend of Nimway Hall 1750: Jacqueline was a good read.

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne

Hard Sell by Lauren LayneCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne was just what I needed today.  A wonderful romance with characters with a past and a healthy distrust for marriage.  The setting of the story is glittering New York City with the rich and famous. It is in this setting we find Matt Canyon and Sabrina Cross. Two people who seem to either bicker constantly or are having mad sex.  However, Matt needs help and Sabrina is known as the ‘fixer’. Matt asks Sabrina to help him, save his job by posing as his girlfriend. She agrees with one exception - no sex - none….

Matt’s need for help is hard for him.  Sabrina helping him opens her eyes to what she really wants out of life, a love, a companion, something meaningful and long lasting.  Matt does not believe he will find love, he just wants to save his job by changing his reputation from a partier to a trustworthy money man.  To top it all off, the one person he has always wanted to be a money manager for shows up and throws everything in turmoil.

Hard Sell by Lauren Layne was a fun, quick, enjoyable read.  

Illusive by Nina Levine

Illusive by Nina LevineCoolCoolThumbs upThumbs upHeartHeart

Illusive is the latest book by Nina Levine.  Once again we are with the Storm MC.  Storm MC is going through some hard times with people all around them seeming to want to take them down. The club is fighting for its life. 

Griff’s life changed dramatically a few years ago, he found Storm MC and decided to make them his family.  He is the vice president of Storm and loyal to them.  However lately his “real” family has been calling about something from the past and it is an issue for him.  Griff does hang out with one of his aunts, who went directly into matchmaking mode when Sophia moved in across the street. 

Sophia is a self-contained person who does not do one night stands and does do her own thing.  She was raised in foster care and understands how hard it is to be alone. Together they sizzle and you cheer them on. 

A great MC read!!

How To Train Your Baron by Diana Lloyd

How to Train Your Baron by Diana LloydCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

How To Train Your Baron by Diana Lloyd was a fun read!  As an historical romance you expect a certain amount of miscommunication between the two leads.  In this case, the miscommunication was present with a dry wit and a comedy of ‘accidents’.

Elsinore, the youngest daughter of a duke and his esteemed duchess is a young lady looking for adventure and being able to make her own decisions.  Unfortunately, her decisions lead to all types of accidents and mishaps that have led her parents to distraction over getting her married. The last straw for her parents was when Elsinore was found lying on top of a man, while alone with the same man in a room covered in wine, her dress askew giving him a kiss.  Elsinore was promptly set up to marry him. He is a Scottish Baron, Quin Graham, a man who was not ready to marry and had series trust issues with women. Together forced into wedlock, neither able to explain to the other truthfully how they feel, the story continues to twist with the addition of suspicious notes and happenings.  I loved how Elsinore took the information from a book on how to train your dog and tried to make that information into helping her to train and understand her Baron!

Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book. How to Train Your Baron by Diana Lloyd was a fun read!

Genuine Fraud by E.Lockhart

Genuine Fraud by E.LockhartCoolUnsureConfusedWild

What a twisted tale and ride for the reader!  Genuine Fraud by E.Lockhart has my brain still mulling even after the book has been finished. I am honestly unsure about how I feel about the book.  First of all the book is not a linear forward story. It goes backward in vignettes, each showing more and more of a story that is really hard to take in.  Perhaps it would have been easier if I was reading a paper book and could look back at times or if I took notes.

The main character seems to be Jule. She is a chameleon and I never felt like we had the chance to know the real Jule. She seemed to constantly take on the role of another. Imogen was another one of the main characters.  She seemed to be searching constantly for something. Her up and downs and changes were significant. Why she ran away and why Jule was her friend or why Jule ran away and Imogen was her friend were unanswered questions for me…

Having said all the confusing parts above, I did not stop reading the book.  I wanted to follow the trail backward. I wanted to know what was happening and how things twisted and turned.  I found the characters interesting and the story line compelling. Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart was an interesting read with many hidden pieces.  


Lies by T. M. Logan

Lies by T. M. LoganCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Lies by T. M Logan gave me the willies….seriously the willies.  From the first chapter to the last, I was held in it’s grip wondering how it could possibly end.  I worried about the main character and his family. I wondered at how easily he was slowly being herded by a maniac.  The social media aspect made the story extremely relevant to today and helped story’s power over the reader grow...and then the end happened.  OH MY…

Joe, a family man, the main caretaker of their young son, William sees his wife’s car someplace he was not expected and decides to meet her there and surprise her.  Only it is there, that the story takes its first turn and suddenly Joe is embroiled in a mystery. Ben is dead? Is gone? Is missing? And Joe is the prime everything.  Every step seems to make things worse as he tries to find his way… and the social media certainly plays a large role in this story.

I liked Joe a great deal as the main character.  I found him likable and trusting. Some of the other characters - not so much.  The story took my breath away a couple of times with the incidences, but I really wanted to know the truth and I needed to keep reading.  Lies by T.M. Logan was a good read.

Seduced by a Scot by Julia London

Seduced by a Scot by Julia LondonCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs up

Seduced by a Scot by Julia London was a fun read while I spent time at the Highland Games in NH.  I enjoy Julia London’s books and found this one to be a different read with it’s unusual plot. I liked the twists and turns and I liked Maura Darby’s righteous anger.  This book is the sixth in a series called The Highland Groom Series.

Nicholas Bain is a fixer for people’s problems.  It seems he is able to negotiate and resolve sticky situations without most people being the wiser.  He is called in to solve a problem and realizes that the ward, Maura is being treated horribly by the family.  He has found a solution that will allow Maura security and her “family” to be rid of her. The only problem is that Maura is not on board with this solution, especially as she has done nothing wrong.  Nicholas has found a person for Maura to marry, but to add to the plot line, her new “groom to be” has a problem as well. The twisted plot and underlying motivations did not make me like many of the secondary characters at all and I wanted Maura to get her HEA.

While Seduced by a Scot was not my favorite of Julia London’s  books, I did appreciate the different story line and all the twists.  The ugliness of people and their choices was a clear message in this storyline.  Seduced by a Scot by Julia London was a good read.


Tempting the Laird by Julia London

Tempting the Laird by Julia LondonCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Tempting the Laird by Julia London is the fifth book in the Highland Grooms.  Julia London’s books about the Highlands and the the people of the Highlands, while being historical fiction allow the reader to enjoy the ruggedness of the land and the people.  This set of novels take place after the rebellion so there is still the distrust between different people.

Catriona is not a traditional highland lass.  She is determined to take care of a collection of woman and children who are without a home and a nowhere to go. Her family worries that she is not married and has not found love. She wants a husband and a family but the opportunity has not presented itself.  She is bold and brass. Her family sent her to visit her uncle. While visiting her uncle she meets Hamlin Graham, Duke of Montrose.

Hamlin Graham, Duke of Montrose is a duke under suspicion.  His wife - muched loved by the people - is gone. He has not told anyone what happened, but most people consider he has killed her.  Cat does not believe the gossip and works to find the truth. As we know, not everything is a clear as one would hope. Catriona and it even possible.

Tempting the Laird by Julia London was a good read.  


It Started with a Scandal by Julie Anne Long

It Started With a Scandal by Julie Anne LongCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

It Started With a Scandal by Julie Anne Long was located at the library on a shelf of RITA books.  I was happy to read the story, happy to know it was considered a good read and even happier to find it was.  

Elise Fountain trusted the wrong man and became pregnant without being married.  In her society, a horrid situation.  She was sent away in disgrace and had to find a position to work and keep her son safe.  From there she was let go again because of the old scandal and left with no place to go except for a house keepers position with a very unhappy man.  Lord Philippe Lavay was not an easy man.  He seemed to have moments of rage where he would throw things.  Elise started and found Lord Lavay a hard man to work for, but more so the staff was taking advantage of him.  She had her work cut out for her.  Hopefully, she could find a way to balance everything and keep her son safe.

It Started With a Scandal by Julie Anne Long was a good read.

Hale (Lord of Carnage #8) by Daphne Loveling

Hale (Lord of Carnage #8) by Daphne LovelingCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Hale (Lord of Carnage #8) is by Daphne Loveling.  She has written a series of book about a MC called the Lord of Carnage.  Her MC is a club that participates in illegal activities and is considered a one percenter.  This is her eighth novel about the main charter club. As there are many members of the club unmarried and now there is the Ironwood chapter, I look forward to more books in this series.  

Hale is sent down to another chapter to help set up a new route to help ease the flow of illegal weapons.  What is not known to many of the brothers is that this is where Hale spent many years. Also in the other chapter is Mal, his cousin, with some bad blood between them.  What he didn’t expect to see is Kylie, a girl from the past. Kylie was someone he lusted after but never touched as she was his best friend’s girlfriend. It seems that past event occurred that made Hale angry at her, while still lusting after her.

Kylie desperate for cash to help her ailing father agrees to be a mule delivering drugs from one location to another.  Of course we start out with Hale and Kylie growling and snapping at each other. Kylie and Hale has a lot to overcome and Hale isn’t sure it how he feels about what is happening. 

This was another fun read in the series and I look forward to reading many more from this author. I am hoping for a story about Mal or Tank next.  Hale (Lord of Carnage #8) is by Daphne Loveling was a good read.


Beast by Daphne Loveling

Beast by Daphne LovelingCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The newest book in the Lords of Carnage MC (#6) is Beast by Daphne Loveling.   The Lords of Carnage have found life a little too interesting recently. Ever since they pushed out the Spiders and made a deal with another club which has made some things safer for their brotherhood.  Their President has been less reliable lately and the new police chief has really trying to make a stink about the criminal element in town. 

Beast is all about his club.  He is laid back, dependable and when angry - the Beast. Recently he has noticed a number of his brothers have found a life partner, but he knows it won’t happen with him, but still….  He has never forgot his first love. 

Brooke is a Feb - an FBI agent who works out of Cleveland and has been sent to Tanner’s Spring.  She was sent to investigate a sex trafficking case. The hardest part - for her it is home. A place she never wanted to EVER go back! Life was quite difficult there.  She left suddenly not wanting to ever tell Travis why she had to leave. Hopefully, he left too. 

So - Guess what happens - they literally run into each other again.   Beast (Travis) and Brooke are on two opposite sides of the law. They are too damaged and want to keep safe within themselves.  Not even close to happening! Together they end up untangling some devious people and plots, saving girls from a life of hell...but they are still on opposite sides of the law.

I think Beast may be my favorite so far of the Lords of Carnage MC series.  I like how honor and caring for those who cannot take care of themselves play an important part.  I like how Brooke managed to find out so much information by asking questions and didn’t depend on Beast to solve her case.  Beast by Daphne Loveling is a good read.

Angel by Daphne Loveling

Angel by Daphne LovelingCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Is it bad to start a book review by stating I have been waiting for Angel’s story? Angel is the President of the Lords of Carnage MC. He is a leader others follow and will do what is necessary for his club. Daphne Loveling has finally written a book about him, her seventh book, called Angel.   

The club has been fighting for their land, mission and how to become more legitimate. A number of brothers have found their Old Ladies and yet Angel is good the way he is.  It does worry him that he thinks of Jewel too often, but she is like the club’s Old Lady, their bartender and someone who deserves respect.

Jewel has struggled throughout her life. She finally has found a steady job and some security, when her younger brother is dumped on her.  He is angry and non-communicative. He hangs around, bring scummy friends into her apartment. She feels he isn’t even trying, but she is not one to drop her concerns to others, until it is almost too late.

I am glad Angel found Jewel.  Now he just needs to get his head straight, because she is perfect for him. Angel is another great MC read by Daphne Loveling!

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