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Lord of the Privateers by Stephanie Laurens

Lord of the Privateers by Stephanie LaurensCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Lord of the Privateers by Stephanie Laurens was the wrap up novel to her series The Adventurers Quartet.  (However, I feel the need to point out there were family members left who could be written about.) The final book focused on Royd, the eldest of the Frobisher Clan.  The family is helping out the English Government take down an illegal diamond mine. The diamond mine is being worked by kidnapped people from a small English Colony of Freetown.  The first three books each with a different Frobisher completed one part of the research and rescue mission, but now it is Royd’s turn.  Little did he realize that his life was going to change.  Isobel (his ex girlfriend and handfast mate) insists on going with him to rescue her cousin.  That is when the first of the revelations start happening.

The book is a fun romp through a romantic adventure with new and old characters helping the cause, while Royd and Isobel reignite their love. Lord of the Privateers by Stephanie Laurens is a great read.  I enjoyed the entire series and loved the way it wrapped up.  (Except to point out that there are some Frobisher cousins that need to be paired off!)

Hyde's Absolution by Nina Levine

Hyde's Absolution by Nina LevineCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Hyde’s Absolution by Nina Levine was a great read in the MC thriller romance genre.  I love the characters of the Storm MC and Sydney Storm MC, even though - let’s be face facts - they are not nice guys.  They are hot dreams, who seem to rule their world and are all onboard with one woman.  The storyline kept me enthralled with the ups and downs and twists and turns.  The other characters who I have already read about continue to play key roles in the story as well.

Hyde finds Monroe.  He feels she is beautiful, sexy and just right for him.  She finds his temper concerning, although she never felt she was in danger.  Hyde has a lot to prove to himself mostly, but also Monroe.  On top of everything else, his daughter has returned into his life and is quite humanized by her teenage angst.  Monroe -BTW- is fascinated with the idea of men being pierced and brings it up to Hyde a “few” times.   

I look forward to each Nina Levine’s books and enjoy following her MC books.

Illusive by Nina Levine

Illusive by Nina LevineCoolCoolThumbs upThumbs upHeartHeart

Illusive is the latest book by Nina Levine.  Once again we are with the Storm MC.  Storm MC is going through some hard times with people all around them seeming to want to take them down. The club is fighting for its life. 

Griff’s life changed dramatically a few years ago, he found Storm MC and decided to make them his family.  He is the vice president of Storm and loyal to them.  However lately his “real” family has been calling about something from the past and it is an issue for him.  Griff does hang out with one of his aunts, who went directly into matchmaking mode when Sophia moved in across the street. 

Sophia is a self-contained person who does not do one night stands and does do her own thing.  She was raised in foster care and understands how hard it is to be alone. Together they sizzle and you cheer them on. 

A great MC read!!

Command by Nina Levine

Command by Nina LevineCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Command is another kick ass MC book by Nina Levine. Once again we are brought to Storm MC with Harlow and Scott. Scott is the president and the MC is going through some changes that not everyone is happy about. Harlow is struggling with a severe depression after a loss. Together they are strong, but both of these demands are tearing at each of them while trying not to let it affect the other one. Just when you think they are moving on, another situation occurs and all hell breaks loose.

Nina Levine’s book, Command is another great read in the Storm MC series. In each one, she has woven a story around both a couple (or soon to be couple) and the difficulties involved with running an MC club based on legal businesses not running drugs or arms. In each book, you become more entranced with the characters and situations. Enjoy the ride and finding the answers. 

Genuine Fraud by E.Lockhart

Genuine Fraud by E.LockhartCoolUnsureConfusedWild

What a twisted tale and ride for the reader!  Genuine Fraud by E.Lockhart has my brain still mulling even after the book has been finished. I am honestly unsure about how I feel about the book.  First of all the book is not a linear forward story. It goes backward in vignettes, each showing more and more of a story that is really hard to take in.  Perhaps it would have been easier if I was reading a paper book and could look back at times or if I took notes.

The main character seems to be Jule. She is a chameleon and I never felt like we had the chance to know the real Jule. She seemed to constantly take on the role of another. Imogen was another one of the main characters.  She seemed to be searching constantly for something. Her up and downs and changes were significant. Why she ran away and why Jule was her friend or why Jule ran away and Imogen was her friend were unanswered questions for me…

Having said all the confusing parts above, I did not stop reading the book.  I wanted to follow the trail backward. I wanted to know what was happening and how things twisted and turned.  I found the characters interesting and the story line compelling. Genuine Fraud by E Lockhart was an interesting read with many hidden pieces.  


It Started with a Scandal by Julie Anne Long

It Started With a Scandal by Julie Anne LongCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

It Started With a Scandal by Julie Anne Long was located at the library on a shelf of RITA books.  I was happy to read the story, happy to know it was considered a good read and even happier to find it was.  

Elise Fountain trusted the wrong man and became pregnant without being married.  In her society, a horrid situation.  She was sent away in disgrace and had to find a position to work and keep her son safe.  From there she was let go again because of the old scandal and left with no place to go except for a house keepers position with a very unhappy man.  Lord Philippe Lavay was not an easy man.  He seemed to have moments of rage where he would throw things.  Elise started and found Lord Lavay a hard man to work for, but more so the staff was taking advantage of him.  She had her work cut out for her.  Hopefully, she could find a way to balance everything and keep her son safe.

It Started With a Scandal by Julie Anne Long was a good read.

Beast by Daphne Loveling

Beast by Daphne LovelingCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The newest book in the Lords of Carnage MC (#6) is Beast by Daphne Loveling.   The Lords of Carnage have found life a little too interesting recently. Ever since they pushed out the Spiders and made a deal with another club which has made some things safer for their brotherhood.  Their President has been less reliable lately and the new police chief has really trying to make a stink about the criminal element in town. 

Beast is all about his club.  He is laid back, dependable and when angry - the Beast. Recently he has noticed a number of his brothers have found a life partner, but he knows it won’t happen with him, but still….  He has never forgot his first love. 

Brooke is a Feb - an FBI agent who works out of Cleveland and has been sent to Tanner’s Spring.  She was sent to investigate a sex trafficking case. The hardest part - for her it is home. A place she never wanted to EVER go back! Life was quite difficult there.  She left suddenly not wanting to ever tell Travis why she had to leave. Hopefully, he left too. 

So - Guess what happens - they literally run into each other again.   Beast (Travis) and Brooke are on two opposite sides of the law. They are too damaged and want to keep safe within themselves.  Not even close to happening! Together they end up untangling some devious people and plots, saving girls from a life of hell...but they are still on opposite sides of the law.

I think Beast may be my favorite so far of the Lords of Carnage MC series.  I like how honor and caring for those who cannot take care of themselves play an important part.  I like how Brooke managed to find out so much information by asking questions and didn’t depend on Beast to solve her case.  Beast by Daphne Loveling is a good read.

Rush by Daphne Loveling

Rush by Daphne Loveling CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

The Stone King MC is a series about a motorcycle club in a small town.  The members seem to provide security for many of the businesses and try to stay in the good graces of the town.  There are rival gangs nearby and many people who surround them.  The books are a fun, hot read. Even though sometimes the story doesn’t seem as tight as I would prefer, I didn’t stop reading until I had completed the set of novels.  Love the bad boys……

Rush is the first book in the Stone Kings MC series.  The book focuses on Seton and Greyson. They have always noticed each other.    A member of the Stone Kings MC killed Seton’s father when she was quite young.  Greyson saw his uncle kill Seton’s father in cold blood and Seton crying over her father’s dead body. The death of her father left Seton in a lonely place where she was without a lot of support. Many years later, fate brought them back together.   Seton doesn’t like having to deal with Greyson, but something has come up which makes her have to deal with him. Too bad the chemistry is wild and they can’t keep their hands off each other.  Hot chemistry and sizzling sex makes this book fun to read.  

Thorn by Daphne Loveling

Thorn by Daphne Loveling CoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Thorn by Daphne Loveling is the fifth book in the Lord of Carnage Series.  The book is the story of Thorn and Isabel. Isabel is the daughter of Oz is the President of the Death Devils MC.  He has been threatened and asked Thorn - a member of a rival MC to guard her. Isabel is not happy. She feels sheltered and unable to live her life because of Thorn and her father Oz.  She is quite unhappy. Not that Thorn is too happy. Suddenly he is forced to be a babysitter for someone who has no idea how dangerous the world is and how easily she could be killed. Together, they fight and … don’t.

The story is a fast read with lots of anger and heat.  Thorn by Daphne Loveling is a good read.


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