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Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer

Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer 🙂🙂👍👍

Let it Snow by Nancy Thayer is a wonderful Christmas read.  Nancy Thayer has managed to write a sweet love story that epitomizes the gifts of Christmas of love, friendship, caring and sharing.  The story is neither preachy nor overly flowering. Christina Antonioni rents a small space for her toy shop in Nantucket.  It is not well maintained, so it is cold this time of year, but Christina is determined to have a great Christmas season.  Too bad the landlord has decided to raise the rent to a level that is not possible. 

Andy Bittlesman is her landlord’s son.  He is charming and is sweeping Christina off her feet.   Christina falls even harder for his niece, Wink a youngster that has captured her heart.  Still the fear of losing her livelihood and falling for someone out of her league are overwhelming. To top it all off, Christina feels the sadness of her first Christmas alone all.  

With the season of sharing and caring, it is hard to not find hope.  Christina is determined to put her best foot forward. Andy is growing more dear to her and the season of Christmas with her friends shines.  Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer reminds us all that is good this season and accents that goodness with a sweet love story. Nancy Thayer has written a good read!


They Called Us Enemy by George Takei

They Called Us Enemy by George Takei🙂🙂👍👍

They Called Us Enemy by George Takei is a graphic novel I am reading with my middle schoolers.  The book highlights George’s life, especially around the time of his childhood was spent in a relocation camp.  George’s family was Japanese American and lived on the west coast during WWII. His family was marked as aliens and treated as hostiles.  


Japanese Americans were often shunned and looked down on before WWII, but after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, they were treated even worse.  The government rounded them up, after giving them a short time to divest themselves of all possessions except for the most basic and shipped to a relocation camp.  The camps were often in the worst places with poor living choices and little appropriate food, clothing and choices. Barbed wire and guards in towers ur surrounded the camps.  This retelling of George’s family situation during and after WWII brought home the treatment of our own citizens.


The story contains some robust vocabulary and uses the panels to show the scenes and situations.  I felt the story also shared with us some of the more difficult decisions his parents had to make - to help their family and to stay true to themselves.  The topic allowed the reader to understand the difficulties and cruelties of the time. They Called Us Enemy by George Takei and others is a good read for most ages.


Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor

Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Mary Ellen Taylor is a new author to me and I really enjoyed her book, Winter Cottage.  The novel starts out as a seemingly simplistic story that morphs into three storylines that draw you into the novel. Lucy Kincaid was asked by her mother to bring her ashes back to her home for burial.  Lucy also found out she was the owner of a place called Winter Cottage. Lucy had no idea that this was the town her mother came from. The story moves between the present, the near past and the past.

I enjoyed how the story was laid out and found myself wanting to know what was going to happen next.  I think one reason I enjoyed the book so much was the drama in the past and how that information played forward into the present.  I think one of my favorite characters was the unexpected visitor, who ended up staying. Having said that - I also felt that was unrealistic for this present time period. I also enjoyed have the story be centered around women within differing generations - seeing the strength of character.  Mary Ellen Taylor is an author I will look for and read again. Winter Cottage was a good read.

Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer

Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer is another enjoyable novel.  I love reading about Nantucket during the summer, because of the beaches and surf.  Nantucket is populated by two distinct groups of people in the summer - the rich and famous and the people who work to make the island wonderful for the rich and famous. 


Keely grew up working hard and helping her parents work hard.  She knew she wanted to be a writer and knew she needed scholarships in order to go to college for that.  Her best friend, Isabelle also wanted to be a writer. Together, they shared information and stories and support.  Slowly as they grew older things changed, but they do as people grow and change and move in different ways with differing opportunities.  Keely became a published author and needed to move home to take care of her mother, but her relationship with Isabelle has stopped. Her next book is such a flop and she needs to rewrite the book.  Suddenly, Keely needs to change her world, take care of her mom and move back to Nantucket. 


I enjoyed reading about Keely and how hard she worked to make her way.  I know that it takes lots of dedication and work to become a writer and I was happy for her. I enjoyed how she worked through so much and was able to find her way.  I was less happy with the character of Isabelle during the middle of the book. She was self centered and selfish. Keely continued to try to maintain their friendship when Isabelle was so mean.  I liked the setting, the flow of the story and the storyline. Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer is a great beach read.


Coming Home for Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne

Coming Home for Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne🙂🙂👍👍

Coming Home for Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne is the tenth book in the series called Haven Point.  This book can definitely be read as a stand alone, as that is just what I did. The story was poignant with emotion and hope, especially for the season of hope and peace.  I found myself being very hopeful for Elizabeth and Luke.   

Elizabeth and Luke were happily married when a series of life events knocked Elizabeth into a deep depression.  Luke was trying to work his business, take care of the two babies and his wife. Elizabeth recognized she was in danger of hurting her babies, so she left.  Years passed and Luke needed to find her. Angry at the situation and Elizabeth’s betrayal, Luke brings her back to Idaho to clear his name.

You never know what life is going to give you and how you are going to handle it!  Elizabeth and Luke really need to think through what comes next. I loved the strength of Elizabeth and the forgiveness of Luke.  Coming Home for Christmas by RaeAnne Thayne is a wonderful romance and a good read.


The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas

The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas🙂🙂❤❤💔👍👍

The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas surprised me with the quality of the writing and the meanful read.  The book starts with three small girls (princesses one and all) having a tea party. The book follows as each of the three grow older and and continue to be the best of friends. Each with their own struggles and triumphs as they share each other and celebrate with the joys of their lives.

Zoe, Shannon and Emily continue to have tea parties with each other even as they grow older, sometimes having to wait until they are all home.  The tea parties and their support for each other are the constant for them. Zoe is going to dance and sing her way into the hearts of all, Shannon is going to join the service like her father and help protect people and Emily is going to battle to stay alive and find her stories.  

The joys of finding love, and finding their lives ties you into the book.  Each storyline binds you to the characters. The poignancy of the storylines tug on your heart as you wish for their happiness and to meet their dreams. The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas was a wonderful read.

A Measure of Happiness by Lorrie Thomson

A Measure of Happiness by Lorrie Thomson

A Measure of Happiness is a story of love and redemption.  The story revolves around three main characters, each with their own secret and heartache.  Katherine owns her own bakery. She has employed Celeste since she was quite young.  Neither of the two can manage to speak with their heart to each other, but together they seem to bump along.  Zach shows up one day needing a job.  He also has secrets and just adds to the mixture.  The bakery could be a metaphor for how they slowly work their way through everything with constant attention, strong kneading and lots of hope.

Lorrie Thomson has written a lovely novel about families and what makes families.  She was able to allow us to understand the importance of truth, honesty and redemption. 

This is the second of her novels I have read and enjoyed both of them.  Her novels seem to understand that the conflicts in families and between mothers and daughter are both heart wrenching and all encompassing and like no others.

This novel is a good read. 

I read this novel as a preview novel from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Driving Home for Christmas by Lexy Timms

Driving Home for Christmas by Lexy Timms 🙂🙂❤👍

Driving Home for Christmas; Billionaire Holiday book one by Lexy Timms is a quick Christmas read about strangers connecting during a journey during Christmas time.  Colin Murphy and Abigail Thompson were two unlikely people to ever cross paths. A snowstorm - a raging blizzard - brought them together.

Colin Murphy was a go-getter.  He started his own company helping put entrepreneurs with younger people who want to start their own business.  He was committed to various endeavors and needed to get to an important meeting and fundraising event. Abigail had just been put through the wringer.  She was trying to get home, but didn’t have the money or credit to get there and was desperate. Together, they faced the storm and a ride with a stranger at Christmas time.

The story is how the events that brought them to that place and how they together managed to drive.  It is the journey and the sharing that made the difference for both of them. As they connected, their stories unraveled and their relationship changed. (Colin and Abigail connect more than just mentally as they traveled.)  Driving Home for Christmas (Billionaire Holiday book one) by Lexy Timms is a quick HOT read.



Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley

Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley 🙂🙂❤❤👍👍

Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley was another new author and read for me.  It was also listed as a RITA winner last year and looked well read. It was an historical romance with great main characters and I suspect there will be other books within the same characters.  

The Earl, Adam Fanton, needs to marry someone with money.  His property a generation ago was mishandled and needs a lot of work.  Recently, his father died and Adam became the Earl of Salford.  Unfortunately being an earl makes him a target for all the debutante who want/need to marry.   He has caught the eye of Ms Louisa Buxted as she is looking for a husband for her beautiful and much indulged daughter Henrietta.  The Buxted family also has an added member Charlotte. She is a distant relative to the Buxted. Louisa (mother) and Henrietta (daughter) are just pills, but at least Charlotte can be friends with Faith (the younger daughter).   

As much as Adam tries to focus on Henrietta with her dowry and land, he finds himself more and more drawn to Charlotte instead.  He decides to have a house party and invites the Buxted family as well as other marriageable ladies. That’s when Adam discovers the truth about himself and Charlotte.

I enjoyed Waltzing with the Earl.  The story line has a mashup of Pygmalion, Cinderella and many other fairy tales.  Charlotte and Adam are two main characters worth cheering and Louisa and Henrietta are just… well I can’t say what I really think.  Waltzing with the Earl by Catherine Tinley was a good read.

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