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Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie Tate

Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie TateCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie Tate is a sweet romance with a HEA.  As with most books in the genre - how they get to the HEA that is the battle.  Libby wants to be a doctor and feels she has let her parents down when she was a teenager.  

Having to work hard was what Libby was used to.  After all she had a four year old daughter named Rosie, went to school full time and had a full time job.  Being a single mom while in school was hard, but she was willing to beg, borrow or steal to get herself and Rosie to a good place. Then she met Jamie.  He was a consultant anaesthetist and the Medical Education Director of where Libby went to school.  He found her asleep twice and treated her quite harshly over it, but never asked her why.  Then Jamie found out what she did for a job and he fell apart.  Libby knew what she had to do… and that was only depend on herself again.  

Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie Tate was a fast sweet reading romance.  The determination and stubbornness of the main characters was hard to see, because you just wanted something to be easy for her.  Jamie might be the right man, but he is her supervisor and that cannot be forgiven.Beg, Borrow or Steal by Susie Tate was a good read!


A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer

A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy ThayerCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer is a wonderful love story with with a family brought together for a marriage of two older parents.    Alison and David are getting married. A second and late marriage for both of them. David has two children as does Alison.  The novel was more about relationships and the stressors that come with life in relationships with the blended family learning to work, enjoy and love together.She is excited to have everyone enjoy the house on Nantucket this summer to become better acquainted before the wedding.  

As you might expect not everything goes easily.  There is sibling rivalry between the two families which lead to tension.  There are four grandchildren to co-mingle as well as the four children. Each one comes with their own challenges, some larger than others.

The  Nantucket setting make me see a place in my mind which reeks of suntan lotion, rich people and endless summer.  The book does highlight portions of that with the wedding being outrageously expensive, but all that adds to the fun of the story.  A Nantucket Wedding by Nancy Thayer was a fun read.


Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer

Secrets in Summer by Nancy ThayerCoolCoolHeartHeartThumbs upThumbs up

For me, a new Nancy Thayer book means summer is on its way!  I LOVE reading about her world on Nantucket and always look forward to her books.  Secrets in Summer is her newest book and I love it!!!!   

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer introduces us to Darcy, a year round resident and librarian on Nantucket.  Darcy has been living in the house left to her by her grandmother and hanging out with a long term group of friends.  She is happy.  When summer starts though all the houses around her fill up with summertime neighbors.  Darcy has always kept them at a distance, but this year is different and not just because her ex-husband shows up next door with his wife and her daughter.  Slowly Darcy is drawn into the world of her summer neighbors and has lost her distance.  She also is dating Nate, a carpenter on the island and she is feeling sparks.  Of course things get muddled and not everything happens as expected, but that’s what happens with summer on Nantucket.

The book reeled me in, I so wanted to be one of her neighbors hanging out with her and enjoying the beaches, sun and friends.  Sometimes lines blur and it is hard to know which way to turn, but Darcie keeps moving forward, trying her best, knowing the summer is fast coming to an end.  I loved Darcie and her “gang” of friends.  I wanted the book to end appropriately for her and found myself nervous a couple of times!

Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer is a great summer read!!

The Island House by Nancy Thayer

The Island House by Nancy ThayerCoolHeartThumbs up

Once again we are brought to the magical island of Nantucket with the newest book by Nancy Thayer. The Vickery House where children, summer children and lots of people come together to celebrate summer and the island were the true highlights of the book. The premise alone gets you right into the spirit, especially as the season gets colder here. The character's hopes and dreams catch your attention and you find yourself rooting for Courtney. I love the feel of the book and how much the summer family feels right. What I didn’t like were the secrets that didn’t feel like secrets and some of the assumptions made by the best friends. They were not really the hot and heavy stuff that would make keeping a secret that important (at least to me).

I normally am a big fan of Nancy Thayer’s books and I will keep reading them, but this book for me was just alright.

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer

The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer deserves a nice sunny late afternoon with a glass of wine or a lovely beach day with an umbrella and ice tea. It is a wonderful read about how people change and grow, even if it is apart! You never know what surprises are around the corner or what the fates have in store for you. (I wouldn’t mind Trevor being my fate.)

Sophie’s husband has dropped on her that he wants a divorce and she knows she needs room to deal with everything. So she and her two children are going to Nantucket for the summer. They have rented this huge guest cottage for the summer. Maybe her husband with time will realize he misses her and the children.

Trevor has struggled with the death of his young wife. His son Leo is showing signs of the emotional stress he is under dealing with her death. Trevor has an old friend who will rent him a guest cottage on Nantucket for the summer. He hopes different scenery will help both of them move forward.

Trevor and Sophie end up renting the same cottage from two very uncommunicative cousins, but it is Nantucket and summer and both are willing to try. This wonderful story moves with the rhythm of the tides. The emotions, feelings and excitement ebb and flow. Each successive wave creeps closer and closer. 

Nancy Thayer’s books about summers on Nantucket are epic. The people are well drawn and the island oozes summer. The Guest Cottage is one of my favorite of hers - hands down!

A Measure of Happiness by Lorrie Thomson

A Measure of Happiness by Lorrie Thomson

A Measure of Happiness is a story of love and redemption.  The story revolves around three main characters, each with their own secret and heartache.  Katherine owns her own bakery. She has employed Celeste since she was quite young.  Neither of the two can manage to speak with their heart to each other, but together they seem to bump along.  Zach shows up one day needing a job.  He also has secrets and just adds to the mixture.  The bakery could be a metaphor for how they slowly work their way through everything with constant attention, strong kneading and lots of hope.

Lorrie Thomson has written a lovely novel about families and what makes families.  She was able to allow us to understand the importance of truth, honesty and redemption. 

This is the second of her novels I have read and enjoyed both of them.  Her novels seem to understand that the conflicts in families and between mothers and daughter are both heart wrenching and all encompassing and like no others.

This novel is a good read. 

I read this novel as a preview novel from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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