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Blogging is hard work

Blogging is hard work.  Not the reading so much as keeping up with all the reviews.  Once again this week I fell woefully behind with the writing part!  Really I want to blame it on the Algebra course I am taking and struggling with, but I am afraid it is not the sole culprit!  (Who knew word problems with 2 variables and 2 equations would be the death of me!)

I read some great books this week from the library.  Jill Shalvis and Stephanie Lauren never fail to entertain me.  Both authors write great romances, but that is where the comparison ends,  Jill Shalvis books are set in the modern day and there is always an element of humor in her books!  Stephanie Lauren’s book are historical romances and there are always adventure and mysteries to solve.  Whoops - one other common item - the couples don’t always communicate as well as they could - which quite frankly often adds to either the humor or the adventure.  I did not yell at any of the main characters - so they were not that foolish to underestimate the other too much.

The books from Net Galley this week were good.  They were not spectacular, wonderful - run out and buy them reads.  The books has some good characters, good situations and were good to read.  Toby by David Johnson was my favorite of them.  Toby, a dog, was one of the main characters.  His owner Symphony had some hard times happening and Toby helped her find her way.  I mean what is not to love?

However, back to my original topic.  I am behind this week in writing the reviews for the books I enjoyed so much.  There is really no reason other than I have been reading, socializing with friends, watching baseball and fighting {sigh} over word problems in Algebra.  I mean really does it matter how old Charlie is going to be in 5 years compared to Alice.  Evidently, it seems to be a problem for many people.  Especially when I don’t care is not a solution!  Meanwhile, I have written a brief synopsis of the books below that I have not reviewed.  Enjoy.  Check out the ones I did review and remember - I don’t care how old you are going to be in 5 years compared to your three times removed cousin.

Jill Shalvis newest book Sweet Little Lies, focuses on Finn and Pru.  One of the plot lines is about how secrets are always a problem, but Pru just can’t seem to tell Finn the whole truth.  The book has some fun characters and I love how they always seem to be in the midst of something.

The two books from Stephanie Laurens are part of one of her newer series, The Adventure Quartet.  Stephanie brings us more of the Frobishers.  Hot men who work secretly for the British Government in covert operation and find their true loves while they are dashing around solving crimes.  In book 2, The Buccaneer at Heart, we are introduced to Robert and Aileen.  Robert is investigating missing people in Freetown when he meets Aileen who is looking for her brother.  They “help” each other to fall in love mostly!  Book 3, The Dare Devil Snared is about Caleb Frobisher and how he finds his love Kate and discovers a horrid person who is capturing Englisher in Africa and making them work under threats.  Both books are great reads.

Oh Darn

My faith in humanity has taken a hit these last two weeks.  People killing people over race and religion is heartbreaking to me.  The idea that one race or religion supersedes another boogles my mind.  Tragedy after tragedy and it feels like everything is ramping up.  I don’t think it helps that the Republican Convention is being held this week in Cleveland. Various delegates have been speaking to the media about bringing their guns to the convention.  Notice I am not even mentioning the candidates…  

In order to avoid listening to more news and more horror - I put on the Red Sox game and picked up the newest James Patterson Book called The Games.  I thought perfect - the Sox are playing the Yankees and James Patterson never fails to excite….  WOW - wrong, wrong, wrong! First of all, the Sox lost to the Yankees - never good.   

Mostly it was the James Patterson book, The Games that did nothing to help my avoidance of reality.  The book focuses on the organization called Private. An organization that takes on various assignments that no one else can or will accomplish.  In this book, they are helping provide security to the Olympics in Rio….  Yup.. Something that is going to start in just a few weeks!  Athletes from around the world will all show up and answer the call for the strongest and fastest.  In the book, Jack Morgan, the owner of Private with his team has to race around to save a kidnapped person and then unravel another mystery - One I will not share with you since I do not want to give up the plot.

Let me share one key element I took from this - sometimes reality sucks.  However, I have hope that somehow there are enough good, honest, caring people who are willing to stand up and help start a new revolution to bring us back from the edge of this crevasse we are on.

Meanwhile, I just picked up the next book to read - hoping for light and flighty - unrealistic as all heck - nope it is a dystopian novel about global warming…  OH DARN

A Rainy Weekend

It has been a rainy weekend!!!  YEA!!!  

One of my favorite things this times of year is a rainy day,  Not just because it will help all the plants - which it does - but because I can pretend that I can not go anywhere!  That means Jammies, Red Sox, Kitties and BOOKS! (It also means I have some work to do with the online classes, but that is another story.)  It even required a blanket and a sweater to cuddle up in!!!

Luckily I was inundated with books to read and enjoyed each and everyone of them

I read Among the Wicked by Linda Castillo - loved it!  The Sapphire Affair - enjoyed it - but it is only one of three.  Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery - beyond loved it! I just finished reading The Pursuit by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg.

Among the Wicked is the newest book in the Kate Burkholder series.  Kate is a police chief in a town that has a mixed population of “English” and Amish.  Kate is uniquely qualified for the job as she grew up Amish, left and then returned to her hometown to take over the Chief’s job.  In each book that Linda Castillo publishes, more and more of Kate’s backstory comes out while she is in the midst of solving a crime and beginning her new life.  They are great books with psychological twists and often I am surprised by a turn of events.  This novel is no different!  Among the Wicked comes out on Tuesday.  (http://marjay.simplesite.com/239538810)

Daughters of the Bride is Susan Mallery’s newest book. It is about a wedding for Mother, but really it is about bravery and the three daughters. It takes place in a small town in California, but realistically - it could happen anywhere.  I am participating in a book reveal on Tuesday, so I can not tell you any more than WOW, and LOVED IT.

The Pursuit is the newest in the Fox and O’Hare series with Kate and Nick.  Kate works for the FBI.  She is tough, rough and focused.  Her dad and a cadre of characters are constantly backing her up, because of Nick.  Nick is a highly wanted thief.  He is constantly working on a con and trying to live the “best life”.  Kate is secretly his handler as together they participate in some wild times without getting caught or blowing her cover.  The Pursuit by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg is their newest adventure and it  includes diamonds, diseases and Serbian thugs.  The books are always entertaining and a quick read.  Tomorrow I will have to write up the review and since the book is already out you can pick it up to read right away!

What a lovely weekend!  It is a shame I am having to wrap it up and tomorrow join the world again as an ascensioned human being - well at least try.


So Many Books and So Little Time

So Many Books and So Little Time

I know everyone has a stack of them.  You know... the books you didn’t finish.  You might try to convince yourself or others – that you are going to finish it later.  Yeah right!  We are just kidding ourselves about that or at least I am.

There are many reasons for putting a book down:  not interesting, too long, bad plot line, too much swearing, poor grammar or punctuation.  The list could go on for a long time. However, it all comes down to a single point, the book wasn’t holding our attention.  

I used to think there was some problem within me if I did not like a popular book. I mean after all, I usually bought the book already, so I have to read it.  Now, I understand that not everyone is going to like every book. Even if it is a best seller!  And that is okay.  I have had to learn that it is okay to put down a book and not finish it. I think it became easier to do once I began to borrow more books instead of buying them.

What do we do with the books we are not going to read?  It is not that I am going to give them to friends to read – especially since I didn’t like it!  I have been known to bring them to our local historical society – thinking that someone would like them.  One friend can’t even do that – she actually continues to keep them so she can finish them.   When I ask her where she keeps them, I had to laugh.  She has stacks all over her house in different places:  Holding open doors and holding up book shelves and even balancing out a crooked table.

I am sure by now, you have also noticed I do not write up the review if I didn’t like the book.  Just because I didn’t like the book, doesn’t mean other people will feel the same way.  I guess I follow the rule that, if you can’t say something nice do not say anything!  

My new rule to add to the old rule: I will try a book twice. If after the second time I still do not like the book, then it is done and the book is off to a new place. No guilt... after all…

“There are so many books and so little time.”

*** This is an old blog as I am on vacation this week.

Father's Day 2016

Father’s Day always leaves me feeling a little left out.  Dad died many years ago and I wholeheartedly miss his presence in my life.  As years pass, I have more trouble ‘seeing’ my dad in my mind’s eye.  I know he loved to be outdoors.  He loved his family.  He loved to play Scrabble.  He loved to read.  He loved us.

He used to sit at the kitchen table reading the newspaper cover to cover daily, although he may have been “resting his eyes” as well.  He always knew what was going on in town and in the state.  He loved to read westerns.  He had a collection of Charles Alden Seltzer and Zane Grey books that he read cover to cover many times. Some of these were from the original printing and others were reprints.  He knew each book frontwards and backwards.  Both authors were prolific and had published many books, some even came out after their death.  He shared these books with me and I read each and every one of them. I had favorites and least favorites.  I had books I read over and over.  Dad thought a lot of these books and they were always well maintained.  When he became ill, he lent some out and I have never found where they ended up.  After he died I took the rest of them to my home.  

Charles Alden Seltzer and Zane Grey’s books were novels were about a time in the west that had been serialized by cowboys, wanderers, mountain men, rangers, western justice, and standing up for what was right and moral.  The heroes were not always heroes at first, but by the end of the book, they usually had solved some mystery or injustice and saved or married a woman caught up in the concern.  The books described the western landscape with details that made the books come alive.  I sometimes wonder if that is how he saw himself.  Someone who had it hard, but found the woman he wanted and tried to stand up for what was moral and right.  Not such a bad goal when you think of it…  

I loved my Dad and work hard to stand up for what is right. I love my family and love to play Scrabble, although I am not as good at it as he was. I love being outdoors most of the time. But of all the similarities one of the largest he passed on to me was the love of reading fiction.   Thanks Dad!



Today - at least for a while this morning was Nirvana.  SIGH

I was able to sit outside and enjoy our shady spot under the tree reading a book!  AND there was ice tea involved. There was a slight breeze and I was surrounded by flowers.  Add to this scene, I was reading the newest Karen White book called Flight Patterns (which was awesome!) Tomorrow, I will be able to sit outside at the lake with a pal and again enjoy the sun with my toes in the sand and a book.  This is truly what makes all the snow and ice worthwhile. (Even though that  weather allows me to read inside curled up on the couch.)  The cats were sleeping on the ground by me. This was Nirvana.  Except for the bee that stung me.  Obviously the bee did not get the message I was in my happiest of happy places.  

All this happiness was able to happen due to the public and school libraries that I have used throughout my life.  I have always had access to great libraries and books that helped encourage my love of reading.  Over the years, I have discovered that there are schools that are struggling without books. I knew that as our economics have tightened in many towns that the libraries in schools and towns often have to do without. I did not spend a lot of time thinking about this.

Last week through a link on a group facebook page (on one of my favorite authors), I found out about the Greenville Junior/Senior High School and Indian Valley Academy in California.  The school has struggled for years to supply books to students.  They have not been able to buy new books for their library since the 1990s.  The school district has decided to rededicate themselves to improving the quality and quantity of the books available, but money was an issue.  A blogger in the area, wrote a series of blogs about sending books to the school system.  And that is when a true miracle happened.  Other bloggers reblogged the information and people have sent books. Lots of books. The entire list of needed books on Amazon has been donated by kind people. Other people have sent their favorite young adult books and others have sent gently used books. I also sent some books, sending titles that the boys have particularly enjoyed this year.

I realized how truly blessed I have been.  Books have been a constant in my world for years.  I hope those students find a similar Nirvana.

martha lawton

Summer Reads

School is almost done… that means - SUMMER READING

I am excited to have school end for the year.  Not that I will stop working.  I am responsible for writing curricula and tutoring several students in reading, writing and math.  Having said all that, I do get some more time off in a couple of weeks.  The gardens need weeding.  The house needs a thorough cleaning.  I need to get more exercise. Mostly, I get to read under the trees in comfortable chairs with ice tea or on the sandy beach at the lake.  There is always so much to see and do in the summer:  flowers, birds, blue skies and lots of time.

One of the sure signs of summer is the lists of “beach books.”  There are different definitions of what a makes a beach read. Many people consider beach reads to be books that could be read at the beach and might not be as intense.  For me, the story has to include a beach, usually the ocean. Some of my favorite authors have books that are published now for the summer  I have a list already given to the local library for the books.

There are scores of places online with list after list of summer reads.  I have put together my list to save you time!  Below are my “favorite author’s summer reads.”  I know I am going to be reading them!  I am so ready!

Flight Patterns by Karen White

The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews

All Summer Long by Dorothea Benton Frank

The Island House by Nancy Thayer

Here’s to Us by Elin Hilderbrand

Seashell Season (comes out late June) by Holly Chamberlin

These are books I am considering to read as well.  

The Sunlight Night by Rebecca Dinerstein

My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

Wild Lake by Laura Lippman

Mystic Summer by Hannah McKinnon

Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

Santorini Sunset (comes out in July) by Anita Hughes



I know that the magic of books is available for everyone.

This last quarter school has been - well difficult at times.  There is always more to teach and NEVER enough time to get to it all.  The school I teach at is not like many schools and contains students who were not succeeding in their regular schools.  They were not able to access the education that they needed and were often scorned for their efforts.  Some of the students I have had for two years while others are newer to the school and me.  Some are reading way above level and some are reading below their chronological level.  I have spent time telling them about books, reading books with them.  Books that have adventures and hopes and information, nonfiction and fiction alike. I have bribbed and cajoled and tried again with more books.

And then it happened last week… a student completed a book and sighed and said that he really liked his book but now it is all done.  To my surprise and enjoyment, the other students actually put down the various books they were reading and the five of them had a discussion about what book he should read next. From this, he had decided on a new book.  I was jumping and laughing and crying inside.  

Are these students going to be readers for life?  The jury is still out on that, but they had a heartfelt conversation about books.  They spoke about what they liked in the books they had read.  They listened to each other.  They offered suggestions to each other that were thoughtful and showed understanding.  They used the literary terms I have been encouraging them to use like plot and characters and mood.  

The best part was that didn’t just happen in one class, but it happened in all three Language Arts classes.  Not to the marked extent of the first class, but in other ways.  Student have been reading me parts of their stories.  Students have been laughing outloud at a character’s silliness.  And they have been writing reviews for me.  Short and sometimes awkward reviews but reviews none the less.  A couple of them have even exposed themselves to putting their reviews up on GoodReads.  Others have asked me to write home, with titles of books to get from the library or other sources.   

The point of this  - books are magic.  They can transform.  They can change people.  They can be part of a boy’s or a girl’s life even when reading is hard.  Magic….

Memorial Day 2016

Today is Memorial Day and I wish I could thank the men and women who sacrificed their lives.  Their stance on freedom has allowed us to enjoy this beautiful day full of sun and warmth. A day that allows many of us to cook out, spending the time with family and friends.  Baseball games and swimming, laughing and playing, a day spent in the luxury of peace.

Recently while planning for a history unit, I had the occasion to do some early research on WWII.  Dad was part of the Air Force and wore his uniform proudly, but when it was time for the war to be over, he hung it up and did not speak about it.  He was stationed in India and China and flew what was known as the Indochina loop.  Many of the men from his group did not survive.  Some of the planes they flew in were not meant for the heights they flew, or had engines that could not stay cool sufficiently to be safe.  I am grateful my dad survived.  

However, reading about the battles made me so grateful for all the men and woman who died in all our armed services.  Some of them took missions knowing that they were one way with little possibility of return.  Many were killed invading small islands that were booby trapped.  Others died trying to push back invading armies. Many died on foreign soils buried where they died.

The tragic horror of war has taken so much.  Praying  for the day when wars cease.

Books Sales

Another weekend has gone.  I am not sure what happens to make them move so quickly.  I have started another online course form edX, so my reading time has been impacted.  The course luckily does not have a lot of reading, but more visuals with videos of lectures, with further research and discussions.  It is amazing what four hours devoted to a class can do to your reading time. (Luckily it is a four week class.)

It is an expensive time of year for me to be a reader for some different reasons:  library, the FOMBE and the book sales. It is the time of the year for me to pay for my library card for another year.  I know, if I used my local library I would not be paying for the privilege.  When I worked for a school district and my mom lived in that same district, it was easier to use that library, especially because they allowed employees of the school to use the library for free.  It is a lovely library with wonderfully knowledgeable and nice personnel.  So even though I have moved my employment status to another school and my mom no longer is alive, I cheerfully pay to stay using the Baker Free Library.  It is a jewel among libraries.

I am also a founding member of MainStreet BookEnds.  It is our local independent bookstore.  They have been wonderful finding books for me and suggesting others.  As a FOMBE with a once a year buy in, I can get 20% off my purchases.  This is a wonderful perk and I am grateful to be part of a wonderful opportunity.  

Lastly, the book sales are killing me.  The bookstore helps fund a scholarship that is funded by a huge book sale in the spring.  Once again, I dropped some money there.  On top of that the Historical Society has opened it’s barn again.  On the second floor there are books and books and books to buy.  Once again I felt the need to help out by buying books, like I need more!

My reading might have been curtailed, but my buying of books and other book related activities were going strong...OH WELL.  

I am reading er meditating

I have always known that reading makes me happier.  I love reading new books and find myself reading faster when I love the book and then I am sad when it has ended.  Perhaps that is why I am a series reading gal.  I get to keep revisiting the same characters (like Roarke and Ranger).

This week I read an op-ed piece about how there are studies that prove reading makes people happier (Can Reading Make You Happier? by Ceridwen Dovey). "Reading has been shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance-like state, similar to meditation, and it brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm."

My family can certainly all tell you of times when no matter how hard they tried, I was very hard to pull out of a book.  I mean really really hard.  I can now say with some satisfaction that I was meditating. As a matter of fact, I think I am going to use that line for now on.  Please don’t bother me, I am meditating.  Granted it might be hard to pull that off when I am reading a bloody thriller with a psychopath - but I intend to try.  I wonder if I need a hat, maybe a tee shirt with the expression to help people understand.  

The article goes on to state, “regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers.” Okay so maybe all the parts don’t work for me. However in the spirit of our political candidates, I am going to ignore that fact.

There was a great deal about empathy as well.  The article spoke about how people who read fiction are better at empathy.  The mirror neurons in our brain fire when we read about an action or do the action ourselves.  So that means we have a better understanding when something happens to our friends and we can be more empathetic with them.  I guess this means another tee shirt or hat. What do you think?   Do not disturb, I might look like I am reading, but actually I am building empathy and meditating.  Or - I am reading to build empathy, so when you interrupt me - I will not rip off your head.  Maybe that is a little too harsh?

I love factoids

I love factoids.  You know the bits of facts that are not known by a lot of people but I find are fascinating.  Adding bits of facts and twisting them into a novel is a way to add realism to fiction.  A great author can take one small item from history and weave it into a story that makes you truly believe the most outrageous of consequences years later.  I love books that can do this!  I love wondering where exactly the line is… There are many authors that do this, but in the last couple of weeks I have read a some with fabulous real ties to the past and the authors used that past to design a story or to augment the story.  

The Edge of Summer by Jessica Brockmole was a story about two people and WWI.  Part of the storyline was about soldiers coming back from the war with grotesque facial injuries. This was factual as well as how many people tried to help them with the making of face masks.  The masks were high technology for the time and were painted to match the soldiers facial features. Adding this element not only gave the story an element for the main characters to meet again, but allowed the reader to experience the horror of the war.   

Another example would be House of Dreams by Kate Lord Brown.  In this novel one of the factual story lines was about WWII when the Nazi’s were invading France.  There were a group of international rescue workers who worked tirelessly to get the artists, writers and other talented people out of France before they were arrested by the Nazis.  Knowing what these brave people did brought a realism and poignancy to the story line.  

14th Colony by Steve Berry starts with a premise that is not well known.  At one point the United States wanted Canada to join them as the 14th colony and then later as another state. Obviously it did not happen, but using that factoid in the story and then developing more of a story around it allowed you to be brought into the story wondering about what could’ve and or would’ve been. 

House on Primrose Lane by Yona Zeldis McDonough brought a fact in the past into a story in the present via another story.  Mary Blay was hung in 1768 in Portsmouth, NH for concealment of pregnancy.  The baby was born dead according to facts although at the time, many people felt she killed the baby.  This story is written as a story within a story and adds to the reality that the main character is an author who wants to write about a tragic happening in New Hampshire.  This also allows her to drive to different places in New Hampshire to investigate.

The four books were all read this month.  They were all new fiction with various settings and themes, meant to draw in the reader.  My fascination with unusual factoids and how they played out or at least played a role in a larger story allows me the realism factor when reading.  Imagine what small facts that you know that could grow into a fictional novel.  Yup and that is why I read - not write.

Recent Books:

House on Primrose Lane by Yona Zeldis McDonough

14th Colony by Steve Berry

House of Dreams by Kate Lord Brown

The Edge of Summer by Jessica Brockmole

Reading Speed

This week I had the opportunity to go back to college for just a quick visit to my old alma mater.  The college has been closed for years (After the late 80s many small liberal arts colleges failed.) and I have to admit, I had not been back for many many years.   I met a college friend and we hung out by what used to be the library on stone benches and shared about our lives.  At our feet there was a brick path that had bricks with names of people who also went to our college.  

I worked at the library for 3 years as my work study. Sometimes I was at the front desk and shelving books, but mostly I was back in the research section.  I realized at that point - how much I love the library and the world of books.  I loved to help people find information and the librarians suggested many times that I might wish to consider a career in library science.  It didn’t happen, but the lessons I learned in the library have help me in life.

  • If you don’t ask the right questions you rarely get the right answer.

Be clear about what you are looking for - otherwise you will not be able to find it.

  • Always put things away where they belong, stacking is not good.

I still need to learn this lesson. {sigh}

  • Books, like other things have time limits, attempt to stay within them. Sometimes you can renew something for a couple of more days and some things do not not ever leave.

I am not terrible with time limits - but I do tend to perseverate until the end.

  • There is a book for every person, even if they have not found it yet.

Sometimes more than one 8>)

  • Never judge a book by the cover

I am sure you have heard this before!

  • Librarians know where to find all sorts of cool information

Never play trivia games with them, unless they are on your team.

  • Perseverance does make a difference.

Keep looking - you will find what you are looking for.  It just might not look like what

you thought it would.

I felt in college, I did not ever have enough time to just read for pleasure.  I know that others have felt the same way.  I remember coming home from college so anxious for a story to carry me away. A novel full of suspense or love or fear or anything but facts and figures.  I know during the summers I inhaled books almost as if it would be the last chance to read ever again.  

For me, seeing the library, knowing that it is now serving new purposes was important but even with the new purposes it still connects people with books, hopes, dreams and practical advice.

Lessons from the library

“A book you finish reading is not the same book it was before you read it.” by David Mitchell

I took the week off, so for me it is vacation week.  I have a list of chores to be accomplished this week including the obvious ones of vacuuming, laundry and dishes.  However for those who know me, the longest part of my list are the books I want to read!  Right now the list is really long so I am not sure where to start.  It does not help that the Red Sox are finally back on and I have the MLB channel as well.

Some of the books are compliments of Net Galley, books that will come out later this month or early next month.  Some are from Rockstar PR and Literary Agency, books that use Rockstar for publicity.  I am lucky enough to be on their list for reading ARC. Some of the books are from the library (I hope if my number comes up). I have a list of five books that I am number 1 or 2 to receive once they ready to be borrowed.  Lastly, I have a bunch on the kindle that I would enjoy reading. After all, you all know I have an amazing amount on my TBR list.  

I have been thinking about the above quote since I first read it about a couple of weeks ago.  I am always sure that with each book I read, I change even if it is in the most miniscule of ways.   I have never thought of it in the opposite way.  

I know it is not just the wear and tear on a book once read: the cat hair or smidge of dirt, but how we see the book and its message.   Once you read a book, all your preconceived notions about the book are no longer.  Your prior connections and knowledge with the book changes as we take in the knowledge and change our notions.

Maybe that quote means for every way a book changes me, means the book changes in equal amounts to me.  It is like whether you are the hard object or the soft object, when they are hit together the result is almost always the same. 

WOW – imagine all the books that might change this week.  

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Jeannie | Reply 18.07.2016 10.12

Right on! Sad state of global reality, but we must live on. . .

Jeannie | Reply 09.05.2016 21.12

Tune out all around you. Go into another world. Yes, meditative!

Jeannie | Reply 18.04.2016 10.04

Will read Georgia. I have always been intrigued by her art, raises questions which this book might answer!

Kathy-CT | Reply 13.04.2016 20.05

According to Pew Research, nearly a quarter of American adults have not read a single book in the past year. How sad! Thanks for picking up the slack!

Ronda | Reply 22.02.2016 15.06

Thank you for sharing the wonderful and personal story about your mother and her effect on you as a reader. May you continue to find comfort in reading.

Jeannie | Reply 17.02.2016 11.51

Books are indeed a comfort as well as welcomed escape! We are lucky to love reading

Pauline | Reply 09.02.2016 10.17

Thank you for opening this style of writing with some fine examples. I never thought about this before.

Jeannie | Reply 10.01.2016 19.35

Loved the trend of this meandering. Can picture it all!

Jeannie | Reply 21.12.2015 18.12

Agreed! Intrigue and escape into other worlds!

Jeannie | Reply 21.09.2015 15.17

Really, Marti! Worth relinquishing books for interesting views like that!
Good to read about men, too, and conjure up our own variations of wonderful.

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18.07 | 10:12

Right on! Sad state of global reality, but we must live on. . .

09.05 | 21:12

Tune out all around you. Go into another world. Yes, meditative!

18.04 | 10:04

Will read Georgia. I have always been intrigued by her art, raises questions which this book might answer!

13.04 | 20:05

According to Pew Research, nearly a quarter of American adults have not read a single book in the past year. How sad! Thanks for picking up the slack!

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